Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Copy Cat

Hello friends! I'm currently sitting on my bed, continuously telling myself that I will start my homework, like, right after I do this random thing first. I seriously have had nooo motivation this school year and it's so brutal. I had such a successful year last year, and I was so motivated and organized. I miss that feeling. But my classes are just not quite as awesome this year, and I'm getting lazier and lazier. I just can't make myself care about Contemporary Canadian Drama. I just can't.

This outfit is completely inspired by (*cough cough* stolen from) Tieka of Selective Potential. When I first saw this look, and then realized I owned many similar items, I knew I had to try this outfit out immediately. I actually absolutely love everything this girl wears, and she has been one of my biggest style/ blog inspirations for years! I'm sure you're all already fans of Tieka's, but if you're not familiar with her blog, go check it out NOW! She's the greatest!

Upon reflection, this outfit actually felt pretty 90's grunge-ish. What with the mini dress and ankle boots and loose top. So that's fun. I'm actually really glad that I bought this dress from GoJane! It's so versatile and I'm excited to wear it into the warmer seasons :) It also has a fun kind-of-open back, with enough fabric to cover a bra. BONUS. That never works out for me. Also when I wore this outfit to school, my voice instructor told me I looked very "Spring-y." YAHOO! I feel Spring-y! I honestly can't explain how much happier the sun makes me! Must be the end of my seasonal affective disorder ;)

So anyway. The only things I've managed to accomplish so far this week were spending quality time with my favourite people (very important), and catching up on ma shows (also important but slightly less so). I really need to get my butt in gear. So here I go. Starting some assignments. Reading some contemporary Canadian plays. Any second now. I promise. Aannyy second.

Outfit Details
Chambray Top- American Eagle
Dress- GoJane
Belt- Forever 21
Boots- Forever 21
Fringey Bag- Gift from an old friend
Earrings- Forever 21 (can't even see them)
Anchor Necklace- Joe Fresh
Bracelet- Unknown


  1. haha, i totally wore this outfit after seeing tieka's too! i didn't blog it, but maybe i should. i loooove your version. also i just realized you have the AE chambray! isn't it the best? i swear i live in mine.
    xo writeslikeagirlblog.com

  2. you are adorable! great copy cat outfit! -xo.melody

  3. I'm a total sucker for anything with polka dots, so naturally, I adore this look. So cute. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my surprise gift from Lauren Conrad on my blog today as well as a giveaway. I'd love if you'd swing by. xo


  4. Absolutely love your outfit, Angela! Polka dots are my all-time favorite. You have a super-cute blog :)

  5. I really love the outfit, those boots are cool! Hope you manage to feel more motivated soon, it can be hard when your courses aren't as interesting as previous years. xx

  6. Ah, you always look adorable in your photo's! xxx

  7. It suits you great! I love these shoes... :)

  8. aww super cute outfit. Love your dress and the whole 90's thing :) xx


  9. Love that outfit! I can totally sympathise with not having any motivation. Last semester I was really on top of everything, but these past few weeks I've been struggling to get stuff done. I just get distracted so easily!
    Vic @ Frankly Vic

  10. I love this! Her blog is awesome too :)


  11. You are absolutely adorable girl! Loving that outfit!! And wanting that bag!
    xo TJ

  12. You are totally adorable and really SPRING-Y..
    Love your post. All the best for your assignments and thanks for following me on twitter too..


  13. This dotted dress is super cute! I absolutely love it :) I hear you on the motivation. My classes were not that great this year so I didn't feel energized to do all my homework on time. I definitely did carry the consequences and worked a few really late nights to get work done by the deadlines. So, get of your bed and go do your homework, haha! x

  14. LOVE Tieka! And this outfit is adorbs on you - definitely a great choice. :)

    See Mo Go.

  15. good luck with getting motivated... it sure can be difficult at times! Love this versatile dress. Really cute!

  16. I just love this! I dream to be able to dress like Tieka (& you for that matter) on the daily. Or to have the guts to stand there & take outfit photos. Some day! I'm actually getting pretty proud of my wardrobe, but now you make me feel like I need another pair of brown ankle booties! Your blog is just lovely! Good luck with the school motivation. ♥

  17. This is lovely! Love that dress x