Friday, January 31, 2014

January Snapshots

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This month absolutely flew by. I can't believe it's already February tomorrow!! I've had a month full of working, but other than that it's been a lovely start to 2014! Here are some highlights of January...

  • Mike bought me a wonderful Roots crossbody bag which I have become obsessed with!
  • Maya and I spent lots of quality time together this month hehe :)
  • I decided to get back in the reading game this month and finally read Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
  • More traditional bakery visits were had :) Mike and I also had a fun night baking banana bread. He did most of the baking. I am useless in the kitchen.
  • The winter conditions are excessive and horrible in the Soo. I hate winter.
  • Sarah came to visit and we had a lovely weekend hanging out, and also saw Alyssa which was so fun!
  • Bookstore #1 had a lovely belated holiday party! It was a full-blown feast.
  • I started getting ready for my cruise next month! Lots of list-making, summer-clothing-buying, and outfit planning
  • The Soo has its perks sometimes, and Queen St. is always so pretty!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Haul

Welp. This is what it looks like when I avoid shopping all month. I am ashamed. I didn't buy a whole lot, and everything was reasonably priced, but this is such a pathetic attempt at giving up shopping. :( I suck.

(bikini top: walmart)

This bathing suit top was a semi-practical purchase at least! I bought it since my mom and I are going on a cruise next month! It was a steal at only $7, at Walmart no less, and is super cute and retro. However, I didn't try it on before purchasing, and it also happens to bring a whole new meaning to itsy bitsy teeny weeny (black) polka dot bikini. Damn it. #wearingitanyway

(floral kimono: suzy shier | black lace kimono: boathouse | aztec kimono: boathouse)

We all know about my love of kimonos by now (I may have mentioned it once or twice). Even though this may have been a poor financial choice, I'm glad to have extended my kimono selection so much this month hehehe.

(oversized floral tank: pink chandelier)

This is another purchase in preparation for my upcoming cruise! This top is sheer and oversized and breezy, and I can't wait to wear it with shorts! Ermagerd I cannot even believe I will soon be in warm temperatures with no snow and the ability to wear shorts. It doesn't even seem like a feasible possibility that there are places in this world that don't have snowbanks up to my shoulders. WEOOO!

(black crochet dress: boathouse | dusty pink lace dress: pink chandelier)

(mustard circle scarf: boathouse)

Aaaaaand I've already told the legendary story of this mustard scarf. I no longer regret this purchase and the fact that my best friends and I are triplets. This scarf was worth it.

Well, there is always next month to reinstate my shopping ban! Of course I will be on a long vacation so it's unlikely that I will avoid shopping that well. On the other hand, I will have 10 days without working so it's even less likely that I will have money to complete said shopping! Let's see how this goes!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas in January

(kimono: suzy shier | tank top: american eagle | jeans: american eagle | flats: ardene | purse: aldo | earrings: suzy shier | bracelets: h&m)

This past weekend, my work had our annual holiday party! We all went to Casa Mia, and ate a huge Italian family style feast! I get sick of Italian food pretty easily, considering I am part of an Italian family, and live in the Soo (which I am convinced is Italian capital of North America). However- the food was spectacularly delicious and I stuffed myself beyond my full capacity. I am still dreaming of the potatoes. Nom nom nom. We also had a cute little Yankee swap. It was actually a really fun time, and I'm glad our staff had a nice dinner together after the stress of the past month at work :)

I am truly becoming obsessed with kimonos and drapey cardigans. This one is the third one I've bought this month :S... One day at work, I walked by the store and fell in love with this pretty floral pattern. I knew it would be the perfect addition to my closet! It originally had all sorts of fringeys on the arms in addition to the ones on the bottom, but it felt excessive and I just knew I would trail the fringe in food. Luckily my mom is a hero and removed them for me in just a few quick seconds!

Work is slowing down at both jobs and I am finding it hard to adjust to less hours and slower shifts! I think I'm finally feeling the effects of being completely done my BA. I have so much free time and my grammar is on a down slide!! I'm currently on the job hunt for job #3 to cope with my boredom and low funds, but I'm also debating whether that's a wise idea since I am probably moving away next year. Actually I'm just debating my whole future in general, as ya do! Classic. Hope you are all experiencing a little more certainty than I am regarding your future ;)

(Disclaimer: These blurry indoor photos are the worst. Once I can go outside for more than two minutes without completely freezing into an ice cube... well I will consider it hehe)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowstorms and Sweaters

(dress: urban outfitters | sweater: tj maxx | tights: h&m | boots: suzy shier | earrings: suzy shier | belt: forever 21)

Peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers, milk and cookies... some things are just meant to be together (and apparently this mostly means food products). Cozy sweaters and snowstorms are one of these perfect pairs. And it is a combination that is becoming a uniform for me these days!

Because: it has been snowing like crazy these days. I may be a North Ontario asshole, but the Snowpocalypse is so very real here in the North. In the past 24 hours alone, we have had at least a foot and a half of snow make our city its home. Temperatures haven't risen above -20 since I-don't-know when, the roads have essentially morphed into black ice, and the skies are permanently grey and flurry-filled. It's honestly hellish out there. It's like a warzone. And unfortunately, we are far too used to awful weather in the Soo, which means we never ever have snow days, which in turn means we have to brave the storms on a daily basis in order to get to work. I hate winter.

Luckily I have an extensive supply of warm sweaters piled up in my closet. I thought this pretty-patterned tan one went pretty well with this dress! This dress was a size too big when I was a size or two bigger, and I also haven't worn it in years. I just love the pattern so dearly that I can never throw it out... I threw it on last night, and once again attempted some clever tucking and belting in order to make it look semi-presentable. I think it was a decent effort, considering this dress normally hits me midcalf!!

Hope you are all staying warm this winter!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boyfriend's Plaid

(plaid shirt: mike's | leggings: h&m | boots: reitman's | beanie: roots | belt: pink chandelier | purse: roots | bangles: assorted)

I am sadly all done with my lovely strand of days off work. In my time off, I finished the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, cleaned my room and cleaned it again, caught up on a month's worth of sleep, read to my little heart's desire, and spent quality time with Mike, Sarah, and Alyssa. I miss those days already.

Sarah returned home on Monday, so it turned into a day of errands and running around town with Mike. I also added some spice and spontaneity to my day by going for a tan and buying a dress from a store I have never before shopped at! Such non-Angela activities.

Mike left his shirt at my house, and naturally, upon viewing a new item of clothing with oodles of outfit potential, I snatched it up for my day of errands. Mike is a pretty tall guy, but the shirt was still much bigger than I expected. I MacGyvered the situation by overlapping, rolling, and belting. Ta-da! Also, one might assume I am obsessed with my boyfriend by the looks of this outfit. Not only am I wearing his shirt, I am also wearing a hat and purse which he bought for me. He is a pretty great guy and I probably am his #1 fan. But I am hoping that what we take from my outfit is simply that Mike has excellent taste.

Apparently I am all about dat #beanielife and dem #brownaccents these days. I suppose once I find something I like, I throw myself into it whole-heartedly. Wild horses can't tear me away from my brown boots and Roots bag. And beanies also happen to be an excellent means to cover up a lazy-hair day, which I've had my fair share of over the past week. Still- I will work on that whole "putting together creative outfits since I have a blog in which I feature outfits as though they are worth featuring" if you forgive me of my obsessive brown-boots-wearing and occasional lazy hair days. Love you guys.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

From the Bakery to the Bar

(dress: h&m | cardigan: smart set | tights: h&m | boots: reitman's | beanie: smart set | necklace: modcloth, similar | bag: roots)

Due to some miraculous coincidence, the scheduling stars have aligned and I've had quite a few days off in a nice long row. And I could really get used to this. Yesterday morning, Mike and I went on another one of our traditional bakery runs! We had donuts and coffee, watched TV and movies, went on a little drive, and mostly lazed about gloriously all day. In the past, I've had a hard time with having days off and feeling useless and restless and bored. This month, however, I have absolutely basked in the laziness of days off. I don't know if I have ever enjoyed my couch so much.

I ended up bringing this outfit from daytime laziness to a night at the bar. Beecaaaause my wonderful friend Sarah made an impromptu visit to the Soo last night! We have been friends since the age of 15 and have never gone to a bar together, but we checked that off our list last night! Go us. We walked over to the Harp, right by my house with the intention of playing pool, but instead enjoyed some long island iced teas and sang obnoxiously to oldies. And then we had a classic sleepover in my basement with grilled cheese and cookies.

And here are some horrible gif's of Sarah and I for your day:

Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Neutrals

(cardigan: h&m | jeans: american eagle | boots: modcloth | beanie: smart set | scarf: costa blanca | belt: urban outfitters | bangles: h&m)

I wore this outfit to do absolutely nothing today! Days off are simply glorious. I slept in, finished reading Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (which I've been meaning to read since the age of 17), cuddled with Maya, and watched hours of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries- which I am in LOVE with. Pride & Prejudice is one of my all-time favourite books. I am pretty picky with adaptations, and generally hate modern interpretations of my favourite classics (Lost in Austen, for example, only succeeded in making me angry). But there is just something about this series that has me hooked. I think the way they've changed and modernized the story works perfectly, and I love that they took the story to so many platforms (the characters have conversations on twitter, and Jane has a fashion blog!! How fun is that!).

This cardigan is my absolute favourite these days (as I've already mentioned). And this scarf has been an all-time favourite since I bought it in first year. That's so long ago now! Yipes I feel old.

Mike is not a fan of the way I tucked my scarf into my belt hahaha. I'm trying to get creative though! The winter seems to drain all creativity out of me. It has been nothing but black, white, and brown for me. A blur of neutrals all winter. And while I may still be wearing neutrals today, I at least threw on some extra accessories. I'm trying, you guys. Hopefully Spring gets my creative juices flowing. Maybe I will even wear a bright colour or two! *gasp*

Well I'm off to go for a dessert run with Mike. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I can't wait for more lazy days hehehe. I am so lame and boring it's awful.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Black and Brown

(dress: winners | boots: reitman's | tights: h&m | belt: urban outfitters | bangles: h&m | hair bow: forever 21)

I tried so hard, you guys. I own probably at least 15 pairs of boots (awful, I know, but I live in the Great White North so it's okay), and tried on at least 5 different pairs with this outfit. But I just kept coming back to my tall brown ones. I just can't stop wearing them. I wear them with every outfit. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YEW, tall brown boots!!

I bought this dress years ago and only wore it once. I am starting to think I am a hoarder, because I just collect clothes for ages and can't seem to get rid of them. BUT- I always find myself in this very situation, wearing a dress I bought years after the fact and only wore once! Or wishing I was wearing a dress that I bought years ago and gave away. So, I am just continuously hoarding and then justifying my hoarding habits!

I am also typing this after an extremely loopy 12 hour day, while watching Archer with Mike, so I am sorry that I have a case of the rambles. 

I have nothing else to say today. Pooched as pooched can be! Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's in My Bag?

I remember when I first started reading blogs, this kind of post was everywhere. Every blogger would show you the innards of their purse and it was the greatest thing ever. Everyone always had such cute purse contents. Well, it has been a few years and I can't remember the last time I've seen one of these posts! I thought it would be fun to have a kind of throwback and also get the chance to do one of these posts myself, now that I finally have a blog of my own :)

This purse is easily my new favourite. Mike bought it for me for Christmas and I think it is just beautiful. I've always wanted a Roots crossbody bag, and I love the simplicity of this one. It goes with everything, seriously. I'm starting to feel bad about abandoning the rest of my purse collection because I love it so much. And now... *drumroll* here are all the items I stow away inside this beautiful bag:

Some pretty standard purse-items, I'd say. Car keys, iPhone. A pair of glasses and an owl contacts case, in case of an eye-mergency ;) My passport in case there is an unplanned last-minute trip across the river... My adorable card holder from UO that cost me $5 (steal!)... And a back-up hair elastic and a sole bobby pin (pretty sure I've already misplaced that bobby pin since taking this photo). Some of my purse belongings are also particularly North-Ontarian. It is never smart to brave the cold without an abundance of hand lotions and chapsticks. I especially love my pumpkin hand lotion from Bath & Body Works. And finally, a necklace and bracelets that I shove in my bag at the end of a long day.

Mike has always refused to go into my purse to retrieve anything, because he is gentelman-ly and adorable. But I've always told him I've got nothin exciting going on in there. And I just think it's hilarious that I am now posting the contents of my purse on the internet for all to see. I will have to warn him to skip this post ;)

So guys, let's do it, let's bring back the "What's in my Bag" posts! Let's see what you're hiding in your handbags! :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stripes and a Tardis

(striped blouse: h&m | trouser-leggings: suzy shier | boots: boathouse | scarf: h&m | necklace: forever 21)

I had very little time to get ready for work yesterday. I threw on a random outfit, brushed my bangs and ran my curling iron over random bits of hair, applied a little bit of makeup, and ran out the door willy-nilly. And I ended up liking my outfit a lot more than I would have expected (my boss also happened to be wearing a striped top that matched mine haha)! This kind of look is definitely becoming a signature look for me, I'm always wearing a big circle scarf and big long necklace these days. I actually bought this striped blouse ages ago, but it's been quite the wardrobe staple over the years. You can't see because of my scarf, but the shoulders are adorable and involve a row of little golden buttons. I am also in love with these pants- they look like dress pants but feel like leggings. It's the perfect pair of pants for both of my jobs, when I have to look at least somewhat professional but want to feel comfortable.

After work yesterday, I took a short trip to a little store on Queen Street called Just British. They have all sorts of British candies, and gifts from popular British shows and movies. They've installed a life-size Tardis since the last time I went and I was SO excited!! It's the coolest. While I was there I picked up a few little gifts for Mike, including a Doctor Who scarf which is just the coolest. I made him up a little package to cheer him up since it's the beginning of his semester. I included some fun Adventure Time Mad Libs (which I'm really excited to do with him heh heh heh) and British candy!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bookstore to Bookstore

(dress: american eagle | cardigan: h&m | boots: reitman's | scarf: h&m | necklace" american eagle | bracelets: smart set)

My week has been full of 12 hour work days, scooting from bookstore to bookstore! I've had several friends, acquaintances, and old classmates make jokes about my double-bookstore duty already. Yesterday, I helped a guy at the university bookstore, who then saw me later in the day working at Coles. He asked "do you just work at every bookstore in the city?!" and we laughed and laughed and laughed. I really like my new job at the university though! It is much smaller and generally calmer than Coles, and there are not nearly as many crazy folks and nutcases. I also LOVE that I can essentially wear whatever I want, and that the music is so awesome. We also had free pizza today. Plus, my boss is really cool, and told me "I will never consider you late as long as you bring Starbucks for us" and handed me a $25 Starbucks card. Umm that is the perfect arrangement. The perks of this job, I'm tellin ya.

Working two jobs is definitely pretty exhausting at times. It's not that either of my jobs is very difficult, but I am on my feet for the entirety of my shifts. And I find I have no time to do anything other than work and sleep. When I wake up in the morning, it's time for work, and by the time I'm done at work, I just want to go to bed. I'm not going to complain though, and I am very excited for pay day. But I will say, I'm extremely thankful that I only had to work one job today and have the evening off.

I am rocking the exact same hand-on-hip look in all of these photos for some reason. Don't mind me. I bought this dress a while ago and haven't had an excuse to wear it! I love that I was able to wear it to work. It's comfortable and pretty and easy to wear. I've also been living in this cardigan lately. And everyone already knows the love I have for these boots. I hope tall brown boots never go out of style because they are my favourite type of shoe to wear.

Hope you are all having the loveliest of weeks!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday Simplicity

(plaid shirt- tj maxx | jeans- american eagle | hair feather- cannot recall | bag- roots | fringey boots- american eagle)

I had a half-lazy day yesterday before heading to work. Mike and I went on a bakery run and nommed on some donuts, and then accidentally had what turned out to be a glorious afternoon nap. A flannel top with jeans and boots feels like a universal weekender outfit. I tried to make things a little more exciting with a feather headband and fringey boots, but I still like the simplicity of this outfit. I've come to realize that my style in general can be very simple!

Mike quickly took these photos for me before I ran off to work. What a great guy. He not only tolerates my irresponsible spending and obsessive shopping habits, he also takes pictures of my outfits for me.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holidays End

(kimono: boathouse | leggings: garage | boots: reitman's | scarf: boathouse | necklace: forever 21 | bag: roots)

Well, my friends have all headed back to school and the holidays feel as though they are truly coming to a close. The upcoming week is stock full of 12 hour days and I am fearing for my sanity. My second job has begun in full force, and it's been pretty fun so far! My favourite part is probably the music, since I've heard nearly all of my favourite bands on the station so far. The soundtrack to my work day at the university has definitely blown Coles' music out of the water. Other than that, my jobs have a few similarities and a few interesting differences, but working at two bookstores is pretty much how you would expect it to be haha!

I wore this outfit for a work day at the university (yay no uniform!) followed by a Palace dinner with Mike, Laur, and Josh. This scarf is one that Laura, Em, and I all own. Em bought it for Laur for Christmas, and she liked it so much that she bought it for herself as well. And then I fell in love with it upon viewing its glorious wooly mustard beauty. There were no other colours, and my shopping brain overcame all my other reasonable senses, and suddenly I had purchased it too. Before you knew it, all three of us owned the same very vibrant colour of the same very wooly scarf. I really am so in love with it though. It's lucky we live in different cities, because the three of us have quite a few items in common. #besties

On another note, I'm so obsessed with kimonos lately, and have purchased two in the past short while. I love that they are so drapey and relaxed, but still have a classy vibe. They are so fun to wear, especially this funky geometric patterned one! I'm starting to think I will be acquiring quite the collection of these guys.

I had a lovely night last night of curling up with Maya, drinking lots of coffee, and watching movies (ABOUT TIME IS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER, OH MY GOSH), while Mike had a boy's night. I also had a short coffee break with Josh and Laura before they leave for Thunder Bay! Wah. Anyway it was so great to have a relaxing night after the hectic holidays, and before I spend this week working my butt off. Eep, I'm so nervous you guys. I don't know if I can handle so many long work days! We shall see.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Goals

Self-improvement seems to be something i'm constantly striving toward, so naturally I'm an expert at creating a nice, long list of New Year's resolutions, year after year. This year I'm going to try making a list of smaller goals every month. I think it will make it easier to focus on short-term goals in order to work toward my overall targets! So here are my goals for January:
  • Do yoga every single day for the month of January. No excuses! Even when I have a busy day I will force myself to fit 15 minutes in! Hopefully I will carry this habit into following months.
  • I've kept up mostly healthy eating habits for the past few months, but of course I was sidetracked by the holidays! In January I'm going to regroup and continue to watch what I'm eating. This includes drinking lots of water and tea!
  • Keep my room and car clean. My mental state and the state of my room seem to constantly intertwine- if I can keep my surroundings tidy, I can probably keep my mind at peace ;)
  • Try to focus on the positive. I have a tendency to get wrapped up in stress and negativity. This month I want to focus on what is important and what is not, and remind myself of the things that make me happy.
  • Be mindful of my spending and try to avoid pointless shopping!
  • Solve the problems at my current job, or work on finding myself a new one.
  • Strike a balance and make time for the things that make me happy. Work on managing my time and keeping organized.
  • Make sure Mike knows how much I appreciate him, and show him how important he is to me.
  • Wear red lipstick.
These goals seem less simple now that I've written them out. But they are all things that have been on my mind lately and are really important to me. Wish me luck folks, and I hope your resolutions are all also successful :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve

(dress- modcloth | tights- unknown | shoes- american eagle | necklace- modcloth)

I went over to Mike's house to celebrate New Year's Eve, along with Laura and Josh and Mike's sister. We played Cards Against Humanity (which is quickly becoming a traditional game with our friends), played Heads Up which turned out to be hilarious, ate pizza and treats, listened to music and reminisced about the Simcoe festival! It was a really fun night and I'm so glad I got to ring in the New Year with some of my absolute favourite people :)

I bought this dress from Modcloth because I've been in love with it for at least two years. I love the scalloped open back so much!! But I really wish I owned a backless bra. I own too many cool-backed dresses to not have a backless bra yet. Funny enough I remember complaining about the exact same issue last New Year's eve... I should probably just get on this issue and buy one.

Lolo and I have been best friends since the age of 9! That is 14 New Year's Eves!

And now, for some reason I can't even justify, I've decided to torture myself and compile a collection of my new year's style over the past 5 years. It's so weird to look back on these pictures and think about how much things have changed year to year! I feel like an 80 year old woman when I say things like that. But it's true! It's also crazy to think how much my closet has grown since that first picture. If only 18 year-old Angela would have known. Anyway it would appear I have a trend of wearing black dresses and/ or skirts for New Year's Eve! And now that I've noticed this trend I'm just gonna have to continue it.