Sunday, January 19, 2014

From the Bakery to the Bar

(dress: h&m | cardigan: smart set | tights: h&m | boots: reitman's | beanie: smart set | necklace: modcloth, similar | bag: roots)

Due to some miraculous coincidence, the scheduling stars have aligned and I've had quite a few days off in a nice long row. And I could really get used to this. Yesterday morning, Mike and I went on another one of our traditional bakery runs! We had donuts and coffee, watched TV and movies, went on a little drive, and mostly lazed about gloriously all day. In the past, I've had a hard time with having days off and feeling useless and restless and bored. This month, however, I have absolutely basked in the laziness of days off. I don't know if I have ever enjoyed my couch so much.

I ended up bringing this outfit from daytime laziness to a night at the bar. Beecaaaause my wonderful friend Sarah made an impromptu visit to the Soo last night! We have been friends since the age of 15 and have never gone to a bar together, but we checked that off our list last night! Go us. We walked over to the Harp, right by my house with the intention of playing pool, but instead enjoyed some long island iced teas and sang obnoxiously to oldies. And then we had a classic sleepover in my basement with grilled cheese and cookies.

And here are some horrible gif's of Sarah and I for your day:


  1. Gorgeous photos and your gif images are so sweet!

  2. a bakery run. that sounds like a very, very good idea.

  3. Love how effortless this looks! These photos are so pretty. Sounds like a great few days off!

  4. im so glad you're embracing those days off rather than feeling bored- and anything with donuts is bound to be a good time, haha! ;) and i love your beanie, so cute!

    xo marlen
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  5. ROFL hilarious gifs. Love those shark looks on your faces!

  6. You guys look great on these gifs; it definitely made me smile :)
    I follow back on gfc. Keep in touch :) xx