Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holidays End

(kimono: boathouse | leggings: garage | boots: reitman's | scarf: boathouse | necklace: forever 21 | bag: roots)

Well, my friends have all headed back to school and the holidays feel as though they are truly coming to a close. The upcoming week is stock full of 12 hour days and I am fearing for my sanity. My second job has begun in full force, and it's been pretty fun so far! My favourite part is probably the music, since I've heard nearly all of my favourite bands on the station so far. The soundtrack to my work day at the university has definitely blown Coles' music out of the water. Other than that, my jobs have a few similarities and a few interesting differences, but working at two bookstores is pretty much how you would expect it to be haha!

I wore this outfit for a work day at the university (yay no uniform!) followed by a Palace dinner with Mike, Laur, and Josh. This scarf is one that Laura, Em, and I all own. Em bought it for Laur for Christmas, and she liked it so much that she bought it for herself as well. And then I fell in love with it upon viewing its glorious wooly mustard beauty. There were no other colours, and my shopping brain overcame all my other reasonable senses, and suddenly I had purchased it too. Before you knew it, all three of us owned the same very vibrant colour of the same very wooly scarf. I really am so in love with it though. It's lucky we live in different cities, because the three of us have quite a few items in common. #besties

On another note, I'm so obsessed with kimonos lately, and have purchased two in the past short while. I love that they are so drapey and relaxed, but still have a classy vibe. They are so fun to wear, especially this funky geometric patterned one! I'm starting to think I will be acquiring quite the collection of these guys.

I had a lovely night last night of curling up with Maya, drinking lots of coffee, and watching movies (ABOUT TIME IS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER, OH MY GOSH), while Mike had a boy's night. I also had a short coffee break with Josh and Laura before they leave for Thunder Bay! Wah. Anyway it was so great to have a relaxing night after the hectic holidays, and before I spend this week working my butt off. Eep, I'm so nervous you guys. I don't know if I can handle so many long work days! We shall see.


  1. This outfit looks so comfy! I love the pattern on the kimono. I love drapy cardigans. They're easy to wear with pretty much anything!

  2. I love the size of the pendant paired with the big scarf. Good luck with your crazy work week!


  3. wow you look so lovely. xo