Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Black and Brown

(dress: winners | boots: reitman's | tights: h&m | belt: urban outfitters | bangles: h&m | hair bow: forever 21)

I tried so hard, you guys. I own probably at least 15 pairs of boots (awful, I know, but I live in the Great White North so it's okay), and tried on at least 5 different pairs with this outfit. But I just kept coming back to my tall brown ones. I just can't stop wearing them. I wear them with every outfit. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YEW, tall brown boots!!

I bought this dress years ago and only wore it once. I am starting to think I am a hoarder, because I just collect clothes for ages and can't seem to get rid of them. BUT- I always find myself in this very situation, wearing a dress I bought years after the fact and only wore once! Or wishing I was wearing a dress that I bought years ago and gave away. So, I am just continuously hoarding and then justifying my hoarding habits!

I am also typing this after an extremely loopy 12 hour day, while watching Archer with Mike, so I am sorry that I have a case of the rambles. 

I have nothing else to say today. Pooched as pooched can be! Thanks in advance for your understanding.


  1. The boots are too cute, they go great with this outfit! You did right by wearing them with it. Love the belt detail. Would love it if we followed each other on bloglovin! Let me know if you'd like to. :))


  2. Ooh, the detail on this dress is gorgeous! Also, I WISH I had 15 pairs of boots haha