Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Snapshots

This is my month at a glance, according to my instagram pictures! I really wish I had pictures from Flannel Fest. It was such a fun and cute night with some of my most important friends. Other people took pictures but I haven't seen any yet! Gr! I hate that. Anyway, I am so excited that this is the last day of February. This was a rough month, my friends. I definitely had some fun times with Mike and Em and other great friends. But overall, I am very excited for a fresh month with less school and less snow and less stress in general. Last weekend it was actually sunny when I got off work at 5, which is an excellent sign!! I was starting to forget what the sun looked like! Hopefully March holds lots of good things for everyone :)

  • I took a Detective Fiction class last year, and ever since, I have had a huge appreciation for Agatha Christie. I'm an old woman.
  • One slow day at work, Mark, Jenna, and I made a huge rubber band ball. It was actually hilarious and I will never be able to explain why.
  • We celebrated my Nonno's 84th birthday! He and my Nonna paused mid-arguing to take some adorable pictures together hehe :)
  • I bought this cardigan with studs on it, and I absolutely love it! The fact that it is a cardigan makes it very Angela-ish, but the studs are something I wouldn't typically wear. It's so fun to wear with my girlier clothes.
  • I wore sooo many heart patterns in preparation for Valentine's Day.
  • I made Mike cookies for V Day :) One of the only things I'm capable of doing in the kitchen!
  • Em, Mark, Mike, and I had a colouring night. Mark and I found this colouring book at work one day and NEEDED to buy it. It's the funniest thing, you guys, for real. It was so fun, and Em and I have the greatest boyfriends who will colour with us.
  • I wore my duck skirt.
  • I won a $100 Tim Card on Roll Up the Rim!! So crazy and awesome!! I've never won anything so big, it was extremely exciting :D
  • Mike bought me lilies, my favourite flower, for Valentine's Day.
  • I boldly went where no me has gone before and buttoned my shirt up all the way.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The End of Reading Week

I'm currently blogging at you all from work! How fun. Today is the last official day of my reading week, and tomorrow I'm back at school. I'm not exactly looking forward to it considering my reading week consisted of very little reading, and I'm a little behind because of it. I did have a nice break though! When I wasn't at work I had lots of time with friends and whatnot. On Friday night, my friends and I had a very successful February Flannel Fest. We all wore flannel and listened to country music and drank quite a lot. It was extremely fun! And I doubt the pictures will ever meet this blog, because while I haven't seen them yet, I'm quite sure they'll be hideous.

I wore this outfit last night, after work, to do absolutely nothing, avoid homework, and to be as lazy as humanly possible. And also to shop online. I discovered River Island last week, and made a purchase that I'm already regretting. I mean I'm super excited for it, because I purchased oodles of cute new clothes and a fun bright blue frilly bathing suit, so that's awesome. But I was hoping to save money for the next little while and I'm not doing that well on that front! Wish me luck friends, because in the battle with my awful, ugly shopping addiction, I'm going to need it. Le sigh. Anyway this outfit is super comfy, the polka dots are fun, and this top only cost me $6 so that's a bonus!

(I don't know what I'm doing in that last picture but I look a little insane. Which I suppose is accurate) Anyway I should go back to work and make some money to replace the funds I spent this weekend! So long y'all!

Outfit Details
Earrings- Forever 21
Scarf- Smart Set
Polka Dot Top- Forever 21
Jeans- American Eagle
Flats- Urban Outfitters
Bracelet- Unknown

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What the Duck!

Today was the first day of my reading week! I am hoping to actually get some reading done, but it's hard to find the motivation with days off from work and mornings begging to be slept through. My friends and I are planning a fun little get-together at the end of this week (Flannel Fest, to be specific) which I'm very much looking forward to! It's nice to have some time off from school and get to relax. Things have been especially stressful around these parts lately, so I'm hoping this week is a successful break.

I wore this outfit today to go for a sushi date with Mike (which was fun and delicious and resulted in tummy aches from too much food). And then later in the evening, I went to hang out with Em and our good pal Erin. Reading week may not be as exciting as it was in first year, but it's always so so nice to catch up with close friends! We had an excellent evening of girl chats and almost forgot that we needed to go home and sleep at some point.

I remember I first laid eyes on this duck skirt three years ago in the Urban Outfitters in the Mall of America. I fell in love with it, but at the time, I felt it was too quirky/daring to wear (there was a point when that was actually a concern for me, imagine that) and I didn't want to spend that much money on it. After months of stalking it online, I finally bought it when it was on sale, and I'm SO glad I did. It's so fun and quirky and it's remained one of my favourite pieces all these years. I even wore it one year for Halloween as part of a "hunter" costume (it was a hilarious costume both because I am a vegetarian, and because it was about as un-obvious and awful as costumes get... people thought I was a Russian mobster).

I'm doing well remembering to wear my dresses and skirts more often so bully for that. Also I've been watching Downton Abbey every second of free time I get, so phrases like "bully for that" have slowly worked their way into my vocabulary. Does anyone else like Downton Abbey? I don't really know anyone else who is as into it as I am, and mostly my friends have just called me an old woman or laughed at me when I describe the plot! IT'S SO GOOD THOUGH, I feel that the world needs to understand what a quality show it is. I've just started season 3 so I won't spoil it for you and you don't spoil it for me either ;) Thanks all of you for reading and I hope you're having a wonderful reading week/ normal regular week so far! xo

Outfit Details
Cardigan- Joe Fresh
Circle Scarf- Smart Set
Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
Earrings- Forever 21

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Mike made me a YUMMY meal and bought me flowers and it was altogether adorable! I baked him heart cookies. Because Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to make everything into hearts :) I know not everyone loves Valentine's Day, but I seriously have too much fun with this holiday. Sidenote, I'm going to apologize right now for the quality of these photos. I took timer-shots on my phone in absolutely horrible weather and they look like absolute crap, UGH. I hate looking at them. This post is bugging me. I really want a new camera MEOOOWW. < /end whine >

This outfit was really fun to wear! I'm not used to red, or bright colours in general, and when I left the house I was not at all happy with this outfit. But as the day progressed I started to like it more. I also got comments from every one of my profs about how I was the only one dressed for Valentine's Day, which was slightly embarrassing (insert hashtag smalluniversityproblems here). There's just something about this holiday that makes me want to go all out! I'm the same way with St. Patrick's Day (which by the way I can't wait for)!!

These days I have been absolutely exhausted. What with work and school and stress and attempting to maintain a social life, I haven't been getting any sleep. I'm really hoping to squeeze in some nap time this weekend between shifts at work! Wish me luck hahaha. I hope you are all luckier than me and have a relaxing weekend :)

Outfit Details
Panama Hat- GoJane
Red Lace Dress- Urban Outfitters
Belt- Forever 21
Oversized Cardigan- Nonna's old
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
Satchel- Aldo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blazers & Lace

Hello friends! I am currently studying with Em at her house! And by studying I mean shopping online, having girly chats and in general being ridiculous and procrastinate-y. It's just the greatest. She might be making an appearance on this blog in the near future moo ha ha!

This is the outfit I wore to school yesterday! I've been trying to wear clothes in my closet that don't normally get a lot of wear. This blazer has been sitting in my closet for quite a long time and I felt that it was probably time to pull this sucker out. I definitely like it a lot more with dresses than with jeans, so perhaps I will be wearing it more in the future! I also decided to count the dresses in my closet and counted a whomping 39. So I have instated a rule in which I am obligated to wear one of my dresses at least once a week.

Mike took these outfit pictures for me, and it was hard for me to find ones where I wasn't making ridiculous faces or laughing maniacally or doing funny things with my hands. He's just a funny guy I guess and he makes me silly. I hope you are all having the most excellent week! I'm excited to see what you all have planned for Valentine's Day :)

Outfit Details
Dress- Forever 21
Blazer- Urban Outfitters
Belt- Forever 21
Boots- Modcloth
Necklace- Kintage

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Valentine Playlist

This week has been a busy one, and it has definitely had its ups and downs. But this is a happy place so let's all focus on the ups :) I'm not sure if you guys heard about Mumford and Sons' Gentlemen of the Road stopovers. Earlier this week, they announced that they would be stopping in Simcoe, Ontario (about 8 hours away from my hometown), along with Old Crow Medicine Show, Dan Mangan, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Hey Rosetta! Plus lots of other awesome bands that I'm about to become acquainted with. Naturally, my friends and I went into freak-out mode. So many favourite bands playing a two-day festival at a decent price at a drive-able distance? Folks, this is what I call fate. Me, Mike, my best friend Laura, her boyfriend Josh, and Mike's sister, got REALLY intense about things. The tickets sold out in 35 minutes and we all managed to get tickets! EEK! The sheer joy of the situation is overwhelming!! I can't wait until August.

That was definitely the highlight of my week. Other than that, I got a haircut, got my car back from the shop, and I've had a lot of napping and Downton Abbey-watching! Then just last night, my boss held a Chinese New Year celebration, which Mike, Em, Mark, and I all attended. It was interesting to say the least, and we followed up our evening with a now-becoming-traditional breakfast. Today, I cleaned my room and shaved my legs, which has been recently unheard of, so things are looking up. Walking Dead premieres tonight, and I'm excited for this week :)

Since it is now officially Valentine's Week, I'm leaving you all with a playlist of love! I made this playlist back when Mike and I had been together for just around half a year or so. It's filled with happy cute tunes about love and all that vomitty stuff, which obviously reminded me of Mike, but I'm sure they will remind you of your loved ones! I hope you all listen and enjoy and get excited for Valentine's Day :)♥

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Comfort Zones & Shattered Windshields

The (excessively sized) package(s) I ordered from Forever 21 (and GoJane) came in on Monday and I've just been having a blasty blast with all my new clothes! I ordered quite a few things out of my comfort zone, and my package included lots of studs, collared shirts, a pair of high-heeled boots, and a panama hat (...also lots of polka dots but those have always been in my comfort zone)! It's actually been really fun to try out clothing that I also find a little intimidating.

I am seriously in total, complete love with this hat from GoJane! It is so spectacular and adorable, and there is a cute brown bow on the rim. I still am a little nervous to wear it around town, though. The Soo is not the trendiest of cities and I don't think it will be able to handle me in this hat hahaha!

I actually felt a little menswear-inspired in this outfit, which is new for me. And I suppose a little strange since it's not even all that menswear-oriented. I guess I'm just too used to dresses, lace, and florals! This hat paired with these boots is a huge step for me :P

ALSO, today I had a bit of a traumatic event, friends. I was casually driving away from the school after my morning class, when I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed a HUGE hole in my rear windshield! The whole of my windshield was SHATTERED and kept breaking away more and more! I'll be honest with you folks, I have had a few vehicular incidents in my day. Enough traumatic events that when I got my new car this summer, I was actually pretty nervous to drive it! So when I noticed this huge issue in my rearview, I had a bit of a major meltdown. The day progressed with me publicly sobbing a few times, but luckily my repair shop is a team of heroes who had it all sorted out for me in no time! Apparently this kind of thing occasionally happens to tempered windshields in very cold weather. Not the greatest news, but it was a relief to hear it wasn't my fault. If I didn't already hate it, this event has made my relationship with the cold all the more strained, I'm tellin ya!

Anyway I'm nice and safe at home now, curled up in a blanket in bed and sipping on some delicious veggie soup. I had plans to clean my room but I think I'll just watch Downton Abbey until it's time for me to go to work :)

Outfit Details
Panama Hat- GoJane
Polka Dot Cardigan- Forever 21
Necklace- American Eagle
Jeans- American Eagle
Boots- Forever 21
Satchel- Aldo

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Wishlist

Last night Mike and I got together with Em and Mark for drinks, and then we all went out for breakfast this morning (YUM). It was a fun night, but the fun ends there! I have spent the whole of my Sunday lying in bed, motionless, in my jim-jams, watching Downton Abbey. I've gotten an ugly head cold and I'm incapacitated for the time being! I have had a bit of productivity while I've forced myself into bedrest, though: I made a fun little wishlist of items and trends I'm excited for in February! I definitely had Valentine's Day on the brain while creating this wishlist! Lots of hearts, florals, red, and pink. Plus you can't go wrong with cute animals and polka dots :) The camera ring is on here because I've had absolute camera fever these days. Hopefully a DSLR is in my near future!

Also, thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Frosty Fashions photo contest! I didn't win, but it was really awesome to have so much support from so many people! I had a stretch of being in third place for a bit, which was way more awesome than I expected to do! Yay! Plus you can see me on Modcloth's Style Gallery: Most Loved This Week, which admittedly isn't even that cool, but it made me incredibly excited.