Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Snapshots

This is my month at a glance, according to my instagram pictures! I really wish I had pictures from Flannel Fest. It was such a fun and cute night with some of my most important friends. Other people took pictures but I haven't seen any yet! Gr! I hate that. Anyway, I am so excited that this is the last day of February. This was a rough month, my friends. I definitely had some fun times with Mike and Em and other great friends. But overall, I am very excited for a fresh month with less school and less snow and less stress in general. Last weekend it was actually sunny when I got off work at 5, which is an excellent sign!! I was starting to forget what the sun looked like! Hopefully March holds lots of good things for everyone :)

  • I took a Detective Fiction class last year, and ever since, I have had a huge appreciation for Agatha Christie. I'm an old woman.
  • One slow day at work, Mark, Jenna, and I made a huge rubber band ball. It was actually hilarious and I will never be able to explain why.
  • We celebrated my Nonno's 84th birthday! He and my Nonna paused mid-arguing to take some adorable pictures together hehe :)
  • I bought this cardigan with studs on it, and I absolutely love it! The fact that it is a cardigan makes it very Angela-ish, but the studs are something I wouldn't typically wear. It's so fun to wear with my girlier clothes.
  • I wore sooo many heart patterns in preparation for Valentine's Day.
  • I made Mike cookies for V Day :) One of the only things I'm capable of doing in the kitchen!
  • Em, Mark, Mike, and I had a colouring night. Mark and I found this colouring book at work one day and NEEDED to buy it. It's the funniest thing, you guys, for real. It was so fun, and Em and I have the greatest boyfriends who will colour with us.
  • I wore my duck skirt.
  • I won a $100 Tim Card on Roll Up the Rim!! So crazy and awesome!! I've never won anything so big, it was extremely exciting :D
  • Mike bought me lilies, my favourite flower, for Valentine's Day.
  • I boldly went where no me has gone before and buttoned my shirt up all the way.

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