Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Comfort Zones & Shattered Windshields

The (excessively sized) package(s) I ordered from Forever 21 (and GoJane) came in on Monday and I've just been having a blasty blast with all my new clothes! I ordered quite a few things out of my comfort zone, and my package included lots of studs, collared shirts, a pair of high-heeled boots, and a panama hat (...also lots of polka dots but those have always been in my comfort zone)! It's actually been really fun to try out clothing that I also find a little intimidating.

I am seriously in total, complete love with this hat from GoJane! It is so spectacular and adorable, and there is a cute brown bow on the rim. I still am a little nervous to wear it around town, though. The Soo is not the trendiest of cities and I don't think it will be able to handle me in this hat hahaha!

I actually felt a little menswear-inspired in this outfit, which is new for me. And I suppose a little strange since it's not even all that menswear-oriented. I guess I'm just too used to dresses, lace, and florals! This hat paired with these boots is a huge step for me :P

ALSO, today I had a bit of a traumatic event, friends. I was casually driving away from the school after my morning class, when I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed a HUGE hole in my rear windshield! The whole of my windshield was SHATTERED and kept breaking away more and more! I'll be honest with you folks, I have had a few vehicular incidents in my day. Enough traumatic events that when I got my new car this summer, I was actually pretty nervous to drive it! So when I noticed this huge issue in my rearview, I had a bit of a major meltdown. The day progressed with me publicly sobbing a few times, but luckily my repair shop is a team of heroes who had it all sorted out for me in no time! Apparently this kind of thing occasionally happens to tempered windshields in very cold weather. Not the greatest news, but it was a relief to hear it wasn't my fault. If I didn't already hate it, this event has made my relationship with the cold all the more strained, I'm tellin ya!

Anyway I'm nice and safe at home now, curled up in a blanket in bed and sipping on some delicious veggie soup. I had plans to clean my room but I think I'll just watch Downton Abbey until it's time for me to go to work :)

Outfit Details
Panama Hat- GoJane
Polka Dot Cardigan- Forever 21
Necklace- American Eagle
Jeans- American Eagle
Boots- Forever 21
Satchel- Aldo


  1. I LOVE this cardigan! The whole look is great on you! And I'm glad to know you've recovered from the windshield incident. :)

  2. That hat is darling on you! Rock it around town, girl! You can do it! :)

    And I love that polka dot cardigan - polka dots are such a weakness for me.

    Hope you're recovering from your car trauma - car trouble is the WORST.


  3. Very cute outfit! But that windshield incident - so bizarre!

  4. i got so anxious while reading this post! i love stretching outside my fashion comfort zone and find it's easiest when i pair things i love and wear often with new and sort of scary pieces. those boots are to die for and i might just have to get a pair. if i could wear hats, i would wear that hat.
    ugh, i can't get over how cute those boots are...

  5. I understand living in an area where fashion isn't exactly a priority, but that hat is totally worth breaching your comfort zone! love it.

  6. AWESOME HAT! I have a very similar hat, but we've had such blustery winds in the UK recently that I fear it will get blown off my head! You look lovely xxx

  7. Super cute outfit hun!

    xo Jennifer

  8. I love the hat and really the entire outfit. So glad the car trauma worked out in the end.

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I am loving your style! this outfir looks great!
    Happy to be your newest follower!! xx
    pls, turn the word verification off, it's a real pain..
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  10. These pictures are so whimsical! Adore! Especially that one with black and white, just perfect!
    xo TJ

  11. Really nice outfit! It seems to be so comfortable! Also, what a lovely cardigan!

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  12. Glad to hear the windshield broke from cold and not because of an accident! Must have been a pretty cool ride though, literally. I love your outfit today! The dotted sweater is super sweet and I just love love love your boots! ^^ I am in a mood to place a big order for Spring too so I can revamp my winter-y wardrobe with some pretty pastels, but I'm kinda sorta 100% broke right now haha. x