Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blazers & Lace

Hello friends! I am currently studying with Em at her house! And by studying I mean shopping online, having girly chats and in general being ridiculous and procrastinate-y. It's just the greatest. She might be making an appearance on this blog in the near future moo ha ha!

This is the outfit I wore to school yesterday! I've been trying to wear clothes in my closet that don't normally get a lot of wear. This blazer has been sitting in my closet for quite a long time and I felt that it was probably time to pull this sucker out. I definitely like it a lot more with dresses than with jeans, so perhaps I will be wearing it more in the future! I also decided to count the dresses in my closet and counted a whomping 39. So I have instated a rule in which I am obligated to wear one of my dresses at least once a week.

Mike took these outfit pictures for me, and it was hard for me to find ones where I wasn't making ridiculous faces or laughing maniacally or doing funny things with my hands. He's just a funny guy I guess and he makes me silly. I hope you are all having the most excellent week! I'm excited to see what you all have planned for Valentine's Day :)

Outfit Details
Dress- Forever 21
Blazer- Urban Outfitters
Belt- Forever 21
Boots- Modcloth
Necklace- Kintage


  1. Love this look! A brown belt and brown boots are one of my go-to outfit staples. And that lace dress is darling on you!

    See Mo Go.

  2. I love the whole outfit! This dress and those boots... Juste perfect! :)

  3. Everything about this is perfect! It has everything I love- lace, boots, a blazer, and a fun necklace. I just found your blog and I love your style! Definitely following :)

  4. That seems like a good rule! I love everything about this outfit. It is lovely and yet classy and classic.

  5. This is such a perfect look! Something I'd too wear in a heartbeat :) I have a lot more dresses than anything in my wardrobe, like you, and force myself to wear them as much as I can. They're just so easy! x