Sunday, February 24, 2013

The End of Reading Week

I'm currently blogging at you all from work! How fun. Today is the last official day of my reading week, and tomorrow I'm back at school. I'm not exactly looking forward to it considering my reading week consisted of very little reading, and I'm a little behind because of it. I did have a nice break though! When I wasn't at work I had lots of time with friends and whatnot. On Friday night, my friends and I had a very successful February Flannel Fest. We all wore flannel and listened to country music and drank quite a lot. It was extremely fun! And I doubt the pictures will ever meet this blog, because while I haven't seen them yet, I'm quite sure they'll be hideous.

I wore this outfit last night, after work, to do absolutely nothing, avoid homework, and to be as lazy as humanly possible. And also to shop online. I discovered River Island last week, and made a purchase that I'm already regretting. I mean I'm super excited for it, because I purchased oodles of cute new clothes and a fun bright blue frilly bathing suit, so that's awesome. But I was hoping to save money for the next little while and I'm not doing that well on that front! Wish me luck friends, because in the battle with my awful, ugly shopping addiction, I'm going to need it. Le sigh. Anyway this outfit is super comfy, the polka dots are fun, and this top only cost me $6 so that's a bonus!

(I don't know what I'm doing in that last picture but I look a little insane. Which I suppose is accurate) Anyway I should go back to work and make some money to replace the funds I spent this weekend! So long y'all!

Outfit Details
Earrings- Forever 21
Scarf- Smart Set
Polka Dot Top- Forever 21
Jeans- American Eagle
Flats- Urban Outfitters
Bracelet- Unknown


  1. I love flannel! So snug xxx

  2. Such a cute and comfy outfit! Glad you had a nice break. I'm sure you'll catch up on schoolwork in no time. It's good to have a little break from it all! :)

  3. you look adorable! I believe I have that top in pink/grey, actually. x

  4. your sense of style is exceptional

  5. Your flats are absolutely perfect. I've never hear of River Island.. but I am checking it out now! Looks dangerous :)

  6. You look pretty! Love the
    polka dot shirt c: Haha
    yes, River Island has great
    designs c:


  7. Top knot and polka dots!! So cute! It's the perfect combination. xo