Friday, February 28, 2014

February Snapshots

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I'm not gonna sugar coat it. February of 2014 has been one of the hardest months of my life. If my life was a TV series, the previews for this month would have involved a man with a low voice dramatically saying "TRAUMA. LOSS. HARDSHIP. BANKRUPTCY. BETRAYAL. DISAPPOINTMENT. TOO MANY EMOTIONS FOR ONE PERSON TO HANDLE. ANGELA'S LIFE TAKES A DRAMATIC TURN FOR THE WORSE. WILL SHE MAKE IT? OR WILL SHE DISSOLVE IN A PUDDLE OF HER OWN TEARS?"

BUT- the episode would at least end on an uplifting note. The main character would take a look around her and realize she is lucky to have a loving family and a few true great friends. And then a video montage would begin, and a moving musical piece would play, and there would be a voice-over in which the main character has an epiphany that  happiness really can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light, just like Dumbledore said. And the audience would feel an overwhelming sense of relief as the credits rolled, mingled with slight apprehension for the next episode (But don't worry guys, I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one).

  • I began the month on a high note: Mike finally caught up watching The Office, so I obviously watched with him and relived some moments from a favourite TV show :)
  • Our family said goodbye to my wonderful Nonna, who we all miss more than words can say.
  • My little family had lots of time to bond and come together (Maya included, obviously), which I am incredibly grateful for.
  • I handed out Star Wars valentines to my lovely friends at work! I couldn't resist how cute they were.
  • Mike brightened my month with an adorable and incredibly thoughtful Valentine's Day.
  • I've spent lots of quality time with some really wonderful friends! 
  • No month is complete without lazy days in bed with a cup of joe, catching up on ma shows.
  • I took probably too many selfies.
  • February ended with an exhausting row of shifts, and a few loopy nights doing inventory at Bookstore #1.

Thanks for bearing with my whiny ways, you guys. Stay tuned for March.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Impending Madness

(top: h&m | skirt: urban outfitters | tights: joe fresh | cardigan: h&m | boots: reitman's | scarf: boathouse | belt: h&m | bracelets: smart set)

I am writing to you all from work. Because work is all I have been doing for the past 24 hours, and all that I will be doing for the forseeable future. My days are blending into each other in a bookish haze. We are doing inventory at bookstore #1, and I'm not sure how or why it happened, but it has involved me pulling out the most ridiculous row of shifts within 72 hours (3 PM- 3 AM followed by 9 AM- 2 PM and then 5 PM- 4 AM and then 1 PM- 9 PM to be exact). Eep!! I will probably be insane with exhaustion the next time you all hear from me!!

I wore this outfit on Tuesday, before the madness began, when I had a lovely day off. I spent the day bored out of my mind, and hating the feeling of not having anything to do (a feeling I am nostalgic for at the moment *sigh*). In the evening I had dinner with Mike, who is also having a hectic week. And then I had some much needed girl time with Alyssa!

It's a nice simple little outfit. I love this aztec tank top so much, and actually completely forgot I owned it until this month! The skirt, cardigan, and boots are all Angela staples that I'm sure your eyes are accustomed to viewing on this little blog. Aaaaaaaaand my bun is looking a little silly after a fresh haircut.

In other news, I do not have a haul post this month to share with you all, BECAUSE I did not buy a SINGLE item of clothing ALL MONTH. It is actually shameful how proud I am of myself. It's mostly only because I didn't have any money this month... but I'm still giving myself a pat on the back.

Anyway I should probably get back to work because this is an awful use of company time hehe (just kidding I'm on break). I am already intaking caffeine at a dangerous rate and dwindling into loopiness so I can only imagine how the rest of my night is going to go!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Best Worst Night Ever

(dress: romwe | belt: pink chandelier | tights: h&m | boots: forever 21 | bag: roots | bird bracelet: ardene)

Saturday night, I got together with my lovely friends Amanda and Jenna. Our goal was to go to Loplops for a local show... but everything about that night absolutely fell through. It was actually awful. Not only did we not end up getting into the show, I also spent about an hour of the night abandoning my friendos to retrace our steps driving all over town, looking for my lost phone- which I had ended up simply leaving at Amanda's apartment.

It was the worst night ever in so many ways, but we actually had the GREATEST time. We went to Wacky Wing's for some carbs to cure our blues, and then had a cute wine night and slumber party at Amanda's apartment. I haven't laughed as hard as we did in ages. Amanda literally did a spit take all over my face.

I've been in such a style rut for the past little while, but I was for once really happy with my outfit! It would have been the perfect outfit for Loplops, and was a not-so-perfect outfit for wings, but alas. Earwax. I hope this whole liking-my-outfit thing becomes a trend, because otherwise my endless closet is a complete and total waste.

(the only picture we got of the evening: when Amanda fell asleep on me completely out of the blue)

Following that best-worst evening, I spent most of the day yesterday sleeping, and then went for a lovely coffee date with Alyssa! She is the greatest. Then last night, I finally got to pick Mike up from the airport. Sadly, he ended up getting very sick while he was away, and spent our reunion night using me as a pillow while he slept off his sickness hahaha. Flu season is poop *thumbs down* Hope you are all keeping warm and healthy these days! xo

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Florals in the Office

(blazer: urban outfitters | tank: pink chandelier | trousers: suzy shier | boots: suzy shier | necklace: american eagle | bracelet: h&m)

Hello lovely friends! This is the outfit I wore to work at Bookstore #2 today! It was a long day full of tasking and no customers, since it's currently Reading Week and the there are no students to be found throughout the school.

I've read before that an hourglass figure is apparently supposed to be the easiest to dress. However, I find I often have a difficult time finding clothes that fit my bust and hips/ butt, while still accentuating my waist. This outfit is a good example! I tried pairing a blousy top with a more fitted blazer, and I like this outfit in general. But I am all boxy in the torso. Mer! What's a lady to do?? Try a more fitted top, I suppose (I just like this pattern so much! Merp).

This week hasn't turned out entirely as I hoped! Me and Mike were supposed to go across the river with Em and Mark on Tuesday, and I had such a fun outfit planned. BUT I woke up that morning with really horrible yucky flu symptoms, and after much deliberation, we had to cancel our plans :( I felt better after 24 hours of sleeping at least, but it was too bad that I had to be sick the day we had a fun night planned!

I've had some lovely little days this week though- going for brunch with Mike, Em, and Mark, visiting Amanda at her new apartment, and having some dates with Mike before he leaves for Montreal. Now he is out of town and I am in Needy Girlfriend Mode. However, I also have some fun nights planned for this weekend- a fun catch-up tonight with friends who are back in town, and a girls night out with friends from work on Saturday! Not altogether shabby.

Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!! :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Belated Valentine

(top: unknown | skirt: dynamite | tights: h&m | shoes: ardene | necklace: from mike | bracelets: smart set)

On Friday, I headed over to Mike's for a lovely romantic dinner :) I had yet another night of tossing clothes around my room in frustration. I was feeling exceptionally awful and bloated, so I finally settled on this peplum skirt, to make me feel more comfortable about my tum area! This outfit is such a different style from the outfit I wore last year on Valentine's Day... It's actually pretty strange looking back on photos from a year ago. It feels like yesterday but so much has changed since then.

For our cute little dinner, Mike made a three-course meal, and every dish was from a different country we want to visit. He also made a fancy menu, with each course written in the language of the country. It was ADORABLE and made me all squee-ish! He is also an amazing cook and everything was so delicious! He also showered me in flowers and chocolates because he is the greatest guy ever. I bought him a cute little book which I filled out with reasons I love him, as well as cigars and chocolate cigars, and a plateful of nommy cookies. Say what you will about Valentine's Day, but it is such a lovely holiday for chocolates and treats :)

I also handed out valentines at work this year hehe! I stuck adorable animated Star Wars valentines with cute little puns on everyone's lockers. I've actually just spent an exhausting day at work, and stayed late to finish up the merchandising changeover (merchandising is my absolute favourite, and if I knew how, I would probably try to make a career out of it). I have been very lucky this week and last, and my boss and coworkers have given me lots of shifts during the time I was supposed to be on my cruise! Those guys are the best. Now I have a chance of not being broke this month :)

And now I am looking forward to having some lovely friends home, and spending time with Mike while he's off for reading week this week! It's gonna be grand.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mike's Favourite Outfit

In the name of love, I've decided to use this Valentine's Day outfit post to feature my boyfriend's absolute favourite get-up of mine... and behold...

(earrings: aldo | tank: joe fresh | sweatpants: mike's)

I KNOW RIGHT??!! Sweatpants!! I find it so hilarious that I have an actual blog featuring my personal style, and Mike loves it the most when I wear his sweatpants. I am 90% sure that if I chose to wear this outfit for every day of the rest of my life, he would have absolutely no issue with it. This is either an insult to my taste, or a compliment that Mike loves me at my most simplest. We will take it as the latter. Love that guy.

Welp, this is just a short little blog post today, because I am off for a dinner cooked by the lover of this outfit himself! Hope you are all having an absolutely spectacular Valentine's Day! xo

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Playbook

It has been a long week. Weirdly, despite the obvious sad aspects of the past week, my mom and I have had one of the nicest visits yet with my aunts. We have had a lovely time spending time with my Nonno, uncle Neil, and Mike- looking at old pictures, having meals together, and we even went to see Monuments Men last night (superb film). Anyway, I am exhausted and drained and sad, but it feels good to keep busy so I'm throwing myself back into blogging!

Yesterday, I was cleaning up my room and attempting to put together an outfit for Valentine's Day. As it turns out... my entire wardrobe is a Valentine dream. I have a surplus of pink, red, lace, chiffon, florals, and heart patterns littering my closet. It's actually mildly revolting. This discovery of my wardrobe's endless Valentine possibilities resulted in my throwing together a few different outfits for various hypothetical V Day events! I still haven't figured out what I'd like to wear myself, but perhaps these looks will bring you some of your own inspiration!

So I bring you, the Valentine Playbook, if you will. Here you will find three different looks for three different kinds of Valentine celebrations!

#1. The Sweetheart
What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by showering yourself in heart patterns?? I put this outfit together thinking it would be ideal for a cozy night with your significant other- whether it's a candlelit meal or a movie night. The solid black skirt and tank act as a perfect canvas for all sorts of lovey patterns!

(cardigan: forever 21 | tank: american eagle | skirt: urban outfitters | heart tights: asos | shoes: american eagle | necklace: h&m | bracelets: smart set | purse: h&m)

#2. The Romantic
When I think of romance, I think of soft colour palettes, flowy fabrics, fragrant flowers, and period dramas. So naturally, I felt that this outfit emulated my concept of romance perfectly. Can't you just imagine putting on this outfit to be swept off your feet by your true love and brought to a fancy ball a la horse drawn carriage? Or you know, like going out for a dinner or show or something?

(top: american eagle | skirt: eclipse | shoes: urban outfitters | purse: aldo | bracelets: h&m)

#3. The Maneater
Okay so I realize how idiotic I sound calling an outfit the "Maneater," you're gonna have to forgive me for this one. Normally I do not endorse the use of the word "Maneater," but in this case, it felt appropriate. I felt like Nelly Furtado circa 2006 in this. I thought this would be a great outfit for a night out for drinks! What better way to celebrate a day of love than by hitting the town with your best friends? We don't need no man *triangle snap* Plus, V Day is on a Friday this year, so you're basically asking for a drunken fiasco. I loved this outfit because it felt classy and sassy all at once. The red bag and lips, along with the bow on the back of my top, felt like the perfect way to incorporate a Valentine theme!

(top: urban outfitters | trousers: smart set | heels: urban outfitters | bralette: aerie | necklace: american eagle | purse: boathouse, gift from em)
And there we have it folks! An array of looks for Valentine's Day!!

Someone commented once that I incorporate black into all of my outfits. And these photos more than ever before have proven that to be true. I don't know if I'd be able to wear an outfit that doesn't include black! A challenge for another time I suppose.

Hope you are all having a lovely week!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I am absolutely heartbroken to share that on Thursday February 6, I lost my dear, beautiful Nonna.

Losing her was one of the biggest shocks for my family, and we will all miss her terribly. My mom and aunts have lost their mother, me- my grandmother, and my Nonno has lost his companion of over 60 years. I consider myself extremely lucky to have come from a small family, to have spent so much time with her, and to have grown so close to her. 

She was the sweetest, gentlest, kindest woman I've ever had the privilege of knowing. She had the most loving spirit, brightest eyes, the most contagious giggle- you couldn't help but love her. I will never forget her silly jokes and tight hugs. And I will never be able to express how amazing and lovable she was, or how much she meant to me. She was- and always will be- most precious to me.

My mom and I have cancelled our travel plans and have spent the last few days preparing for the funeral and spending some much-needed time with family. While it's certainly under the saddest circumstances, I'm glad our little family has had the chance to come together and share all of our favourite memories. I am beyond thankful for the support I've had from my family and friends. And I wish I could give my Nonna more than these few words in a silly blog.

She is forever in our hearts and we will always, always love her.

(my- and everyone's- favourite photo of my nonna and mother when she was a baby in Italy)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Album Release Party

(black lace kimono: boathouse | tank top: american eagle | jeans: american eagle | boots: suzy shier | scarf: h&m | necklace: american eagle | bangle: h&m)

Saturday night, Mike and I went to Loplops for Frank Deresti & the Lake Effect's CD release party! I had such a struggle putting together an outfit. It was one of those nights where I threw my clothes all around my room, stomped in front of my mirror wearing two different shoes, and randomly grabbed at accessories, trying to find something that looked okay. I wasn't thrilled with this outfit at first, but it grew on me. I finally wore red lipstick out in public, and I liked the pop of colour paired with the rest of my black outfit. I saw some friends at the bar who also made me feel much better about my outfit bahaha.

And now about the show! Frank is easily one of our favourite local musicians. The whole band has SO MUCH energy, and you can't help but grin when you are watching them. I also always cry when he sings his more sentimental songs, no matter how many times I've heard them. They played a blend of songs from their old album, and the released one. We of course bought two copies of the CD and listened to it on the ride home. Since we live in such a small city, I happen to also know Frank from his being my old camp director, teaching a few of my friends guitar, and his being married to one of my closest friend's sister. #lifeinanortherntown

Some of my friends are in this music video hehe :)

Speaking of Sault local musicians: another band, Kalle Mattson, who I've mentioned before, are also releasing a new CD! I implore you to check out their music, I can't imagine you regretting it. Even the New York Times (!!!!!!) wants you to take a listen to their whole new album! :) Check out the company Kalle is in... So many big names! I think my favourite song is Eyes Speak. Or Love Song to the City. Gah I just love all of them, for real. Seriously take a listen.

Well I am turning into a rambly mess yet again so I will cut it out and leave you all alone now! Thanks for putting up with my obsessive rants about our local musicians!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Date Across the River

(sweater: h&m | leggings: h&m | boots: reitman's | scarf: h&m | earrings: suzy shier | necklace: forever 21 | bracelet: h&m)

Mike took me for a little date in America on Thursday! He had to pick up some packages, and then we went to TJ Maxx, Biggby for some delicious hot beverages, and dinner at the Palace. One of our FAVES. Which I'm sure you would be able to tell if you backtrack through my blog posts (like here and here... We do love ourselves some delicious, cheesy, Mexican cuisine).

Also, apparently I am striving to be a poster child for H&M. Along with UO and Modcloth, it is one of my all-time favourite stores (as I have ranted and raved about in the past..... I am lame). But I did not intend to compile an outfit consisting almost entirely of H&M garb. I suppose it makes sense since I've acquired so much of it over the years. I actually forgot all about this sweater until recently! I bought it back in August, when we were staying in Hamilton/Simcoe. Until October arrives (!!!!!), the only way I've been able to shop at H&M is if I'm traveling out of town. And oh, do I take out-of-town H&M trips seriously.

(here is a picture of me and Maya because I know you guys don't have enough of those in your life)

I have also been all about the top knots lately. It's such a simple hairstyle, and yet I don't feel lazy when I throw my hair up in a big bun! Anyway, I hope you all have had a wondrous weekend!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Goals

I've had a bit of a hard time coming up with goals I'd like to achieve this month! Nearly half of my month is going to be spent on vacation (saaayy whaaaat!), so it seems a little counter-productive to think of things I'd like to accomplish. Cause I mean, the whole point of vacay is to laze about, forget all your worries, and accomplish a bare minimum of things.
  • My main goal has to do with all that vacation type stuff: I want to try and forget my worries and allow myself the chance to relax. See also: keeping up my positive attitude, and focusing on/ enjoying the present moment more!
  • Keep up with my daily yoga routine! When I'm not feeling motivated, I need to remind myself how awesome I feel after even the tiniest session of yoga. 
  • Remember to watch what I'm eating and make healthy choices. Even in the face of delicious vacation feasts.
  • Manage my funds as well as I can! This month is gonna be a toughie. I need lots of balancing and budgeting!
I suppose that's it for February so far! What are some goals you guys have this month??