Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Goals

I've had a bit of a hard time coming up with goals I'd like to achieve this month! Nearly half of my month is going to be spent on vacation (saaayy whaaaat!), so it seems a little counter-productive to think of things I'd like to accomplish. Cause I mean, the whole point of vacay is to laze about, forget all your worries, and accomplish a bare minimum of things.
  • My main goal has to do with all that vacation type stuff: I want to try and forget my worries and allow myself the chance to relax. See also: keeping up my positive attitude, and focusing on/ enjoying the present moment more!
  • Keep up with my daily yoga routine! When I'm not feeling motivated, I need to remind myself how awesome I feel after even the tiniest session of yoga. 
  • Remember to watch what I'm eating and make healthy choices. Even in the face of delicious vacation feasts.
  • Manage my funds as well as I can! This month is gonna be a toughie. I need lots of balancing and budgeting!
I suppose that's it for February so far! What are some goals you guys have this month??

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  1. Great your goals very reasonable
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