Monday, February 24, 2014

The Best Worst Night Ever

(dress: romwe | belt: pink chandelier | tights: h&m | boots: forever 21 | bag: roots | bird bracelet: ardene)

Saturday night, I got together with my lovely friends Amanda and Jenna. Our goal was to go to Loplops for a local show... but everything about that night absolutely fell through. It was actually awful. Not only did we not end up getting into the show, I also spent about an hour of the night abandoning my friendos to retrace our steps driving all over town, looking for my lost phone- which I had ended up simply leaving at Amanda's apartment.

It was the worst night ever in so many ways, but we actually had the GREATEST time. We went to Wacky Wing's for some carbs to cure our blues, and then had a cute wine night and slumber party at Amanda's apartment. I haven't laughed as hard as we did in ages. Amanda literally did a spit take all over my face.

I've been in such a style rut for the past little while, but I was for once really happy with my outfit! It would have been the perfect outfit for Loplops, and was a not-so-perfect outfit for wings, but alas. Earwax. I hope this whole liking-my-outfit thing becomes a trend, because otherwise my endless closet is a complete and total waste.

(the only picture we got of the evening: when Amanda fell asleep on me completely out of the blue)

Following that best-worst evening, I spent most of the day yesterday sleeping, and then went for a lovely coffee date with Alyssa! She is the greatest. Then last night, I finally got to pick Mike up from the airport. Sadly, he ended up getting very sick while he was away, and spent our reunion night using me as a pillow while he slept off his sickness hahaha. Flu season is poop *thumbs down* Hope you are all keeping warm and healthy these days! xo


  1. aww I'm sorry it was the worst night but I'm glad you girls were able to turn it around :) nights in with your girls laughing your butts off is one of the best things ever!
    I like your outfit here too, such a sweet dress :)

  2. I always cherish those nights where everything is AWFUL but somehow you manage to make it through and enjoy yourselves. Glad everything works out and hope Mike feels better!

  3. loving your dress, adorable! glad you are able to think on the positive side of the night! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  4. it's funny how things work out sometimes..

  5. Your dress is super cute! I think we have similar style :)