Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Belated Valentine

(top: unknown | skirt: dynamite | tights: h&m | shoes: ardene | necklace: from mike | bracelets: smart set)

On Friday, I headed over to Mike's for a lovely romantic dinner :) I had yet another night of tossing clothes around my room in frustration. I was feeling exceptionally awful and bloated, so I finally settled on this peplum skirt, to make me feel more comfortable about my tum area! This outfit is such a different style from the outfit I wore last year on Valentine's Day... It's actually pretty strange looking back on photos from a year ago. It feels like yesterday but so much has changed since then.

For our cute little dinner, Mike made a three-course meal, and every dish was from a different country we want to visit. He also made a fancy menu, with each course written in the language of the country. It was ADORABLE and made me all squee-ish! He is also an amazing cook and everything was so delicious! He also showered me in flowers and chocolates because he is the greatest guy ever. I bought him a cute little book which I filled out with reasons I love him, as well as cigars and chocolate cigars, and a plateful of nommy cookies. Say what you will about Valentine's Day, but it is such a lovely holiday for chocolates and treats :)

I also handed out valentines at work this year hehe! I stuck adorable animated Star Wars valentines with cute little puns on everyone's lockers. I've actually just spent an exhausting day at work, and stayed late to finish up the merchandising changeover (merchandising is my absolute favourite, and if I knew how, I would probably try to make a career out of it). I have been very lucky this week and last, and my boss and coworkers have given me lots of shifts during the time I was supposed to be on my cruise! Those guys are the best. Now I have a chance of not being broke this month :)

And now I am looking forward to having some lovely friends home, and spending time with Mike while he's off for reading week this week! It's gonna be grand.


  1. Aww your valentine's day sounded amazing :)

  2. Aww your valentines day sounds perfect! Your boyfriend is oh so lovely to make you dinner. And I love your skirt, it's gorgeous!

  3. aw, what a cute date! your boyfriend sounds like a sweet guy :)

  4. well this is adorable. and you're super pretty! love your skirt :3