Thursday, February 27, 2014

Impending Madness

(top: h&m | skirt: urban outfitters | tights: joe fresh | cardigan: h&m | boots: reitman's | scarf: boathouse | belt: h&m | bracelets: smart set)

I am writing to you all from work. Because work is all I have been doing for the past 24 hours, and all that I will be doing for the forseeable future. My days are blending into each other in a bookish haze. We are doing inventory at bookstore #1, and I'm not sure how or why it happened, but it has involved me pulling out the most ridiculous row of shifts within 72 hours (3 PM- 3 AM followed by 9 AM- 2 PM and then 5 PM- 4 AM and then 1 PM- 9 PM to be exact). Eep!! I will probably be insane with exhaustion the next time you all hear from me!!

I wore this outfit on Tuesday, before the madness began, when I had a lovely day off. I spent the day bored out of my mind, and hating the feeling of not having anything to do (a feeling I am nostalgic for at the moment *sigh*). In the evening I had dinner with Mike, who is also having a hectic week. And then I had some much needed girl time with Alyssa!

It's a nice simple little outfit. I love this aztec tank top so much, and actually completely forgot I owned it until this month! The skirt, cardigan, and boots are all Angela staples that I'm sure your eyes are accustomed to viewing on this little blog. Aaaaaaaaand my bun is looking a little silly after a fresh haircut.

In other news, I do not have a haul post this month to share with you all, BECAUSE I did not buy a SINGLE item of clothing ALL MONTH. It is actually shameful how proud I am of myself. It's mostly only because I didn't have any money this month... but I'm still giving myself a pat on the back.

Anyway I should probably get back to work because this is an awful use of company time hehe (just kidding I'm on break). I am already intaking caffeine at a dangerous rate and dwindling into loopiness so I can only imagine how the rest of my night is going to go!


  1. I give you lots of credit for not buying things for a whole month! I might've done that by accident this month, but only because I cannot STAND to buy any more winter clothes. :]

  2. Hope you are able to relax and get some rest after the crazy shifts you are doing at work, that is insane. At least you look good ;) Nice outfit and great post. Good luck with work.


  3. That schedule sounds like DEATH. I'm so sorry! I hope you get to have some time off to sleep and do nothing after it's over! I love the colors in this outfit, by the way. You look so comfy, too! :)

  4. omg, your schedule sounds insane! hope you can fit some rest in somewhere. i haven't been shopping this month either -- just so over winter clothes. anyway, your outfit is adorable!


  5. I have a mustard scarf that my neighbor made that I absolutely love!! I think that mustard color compliments everyone!

  6. that's great you didn't buy any clothing this month! gotta start somewhere : ). and... wow, i love this outfit! the all black w/ the accent of the light brown is just perfect.