Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Snapshots

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Looking back, April was actually a pretty busy/ hectic/ stressful month! I had important life decisions to make, work was insanely stressful, I probably had 4 days off all month (and lots of 12 hour days which no longer excite me), and I tried streching myself way too thin. I've tried to maintain a social life all month which has meant very little down time, me time, blog time, or taking care of myself. So hopefully I get a handle on that next month LULZ. On the bright side, I've spent lots and lots of time with all sorts of lovely friends and family this month!

  • My bestie Laura turned 23 and I panicked more about her age than she did.
  • I made myself eat lots of healthy snacks (and had probably too many unhealthy snacks, too)
  • Amanda and I had a lovely cliche girls night and she helped me with my stress overload!
  • What would a monthly snapshot collage be without a cute photo of Maya?
  • I dug out some of my favourite old pieces just in time for the Spring weather!
  • Mike and I went to an amazing Craig Cardiff show at Cafe Natura! Then met up with Josh and Laur for a trip to the Casino.
  • We also all made delicious Easter cupcakes together! NOM NOM. So many fun times this month with those two guyz.
  • Mike and I had an awesome staycation together, which was a lovely way to end the month!
  • With very little time to myself, showers and baths have become some of my only essential relaxation time. I am pathetic.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Movin' On Out (Eventually)

For the past few months, I have been all in a tizzy over the thought of moving out of my mom's house and getting my own place. Originally, I wasn't sure if I would be going away for school. Moving out seemed to be at least a year away, when Mike and I could get a place together. Despite the wait, I became fully obsessed. I made pinterest boards, started an idea binder, collected ideas for projects, compiled wishlists on every website imaginable, pored over design blogs, and read DIY and design books during every shift.

Now that I know I will be moving out for sure this coming August, my excitement has been replenished! Eep! For the next few months I will be sharing a few of my ideas and inspiration boards in preparation of the big move! I have a lot of things planned and I can't wait to put these ideas into action.

For now, I will begin by sharing a few of my favourite sources (some obvious, and some not-so obvious) to find projects and inspiration for home, apartment, DIY, and moving out :)

  • Young House Love : so many simple, doable, and beautiful DIY project and renovation ideas I wanna die. 
  • Country Living Magazine : an awesome collection of rustic-modern style. There are tons of unique ideas to personalize your home, and also lots of real homes and spaces featured!
  • Ideal Home Magazine : a British magazine that I love to rifle through during my shifts! Lots of cute spaces and unique items. I love all of the moodboards and colour schemes. 
  • Design*Sponge : because duh. This site had been one of my go-to's for design and DIY for as long as I can remember. 
  • A Beautiful Mess : another duh, right? What can I say, so many cute and simple projects. 
  • Apartment Therapy : stock full of inspiration for living in a small space!
  • Bust DIY Guide to Life : lots of fun and nifty projects to be found in this book! Not everything is related to the home, but everything is quirky and adorable. 
  • Adulting : a humourous guide to life for all 20-something's. I'm including this one because the chapter on getting your own apartment was both hilarious and informative! 

If you are a design-blog guru and have already heard of all of these, you should help a sista out and name some other websites in the comments :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Showers

(floral chambray shirt: joe fresh | jeans: american eagle | boots: forever 21 | scarf: h&m | leather jacket: h&m | purse: roots)

I hope I don't eat my words again, but Spring seems to have actually arrived! YAHOO! Big news for the North. No more giant coats and woolly socks? Yes please. No more icy noses and cold toes and feeling chilled to the bone? Down. No more hiding inside and wanting to cry just at the sight of blizzardy snow and dark skies outside my window? Sweet. No more brushing off my car, ice-covered windows, waiting for it to warm up, and shovelling feet of snow from the driveway? Heck. To the. Flipping. Yes. It's been pretty rainy and dreary, but I would take that over the snow any day.

My aunt came to town this weekend, and we had a very relaxed Easter. I've also spent lots of time with my closest buds, baking cupcakes and watching movies and going on Springtime adventures. Having kind-of-a-four-day weekend had been such a welcome break!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Love is Louder

(dress: forever 21 | tights: joe fresh | boots: reitman's | scarf: american eagle | necklace: modcloth | bag: roots)

On Friday night, Mike and I went to Cafe Natura to see Craig Cardiff play. I pulled out my favourite long sleeved LBD for the occasion! This one is a closet staple that I normally tend to pair with a belt and tights. This time around, I swapped the usual belt for a lovely scarf that Laura bought me, and added some red(dish) lipstick.

The show was amazing. I've heard of Craig's excellence before, but never really picked up any of his stuff for a listen. I have been missing out!! He is easily one of the most brilliant musicians I've seen live. He played a large assortment of creative songs using a loop pedal, as well as many sad songs that had me (literally) sobbing (actually super embarrassing). He also had hilarious and interesting commentary.

For a few songs, he taught the audience the chorus so everyone could sing along, which added a really cool choral-type layer to his music and also made the soul happy. He asked a couple in the audience if they could slow dance to make a song prettier. It worked. It was beautiful. My face was wet from so many tears.

If you ever get the chance to see Craig Cardiff play live, GO. You will not regret it. He is seriously brilliant. For now, I encourage you to take a listen to this beautiful tune and then also go search him up on YouTube or Facebook or whatever your fancy. Just Google him, seriously.

After the show, we met up with Josh and Laura and went on an impromptu trip to the casino. It was random and hilarious and an interesting switch from our usual food/ movie/ drive nights. We signed up for the Winner's Circle and all lost our $5 vouchers (and then some hehe). I love having those two in town and I am going to pretend they aren't leaving for England in September!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Off to School I Go

I've hemmed and hawed and worried myself silly this month, but I've finally decided to accept my offer of admission to teacher's college this fall!

I've had my concerns but I really think it's the best decision for me. I need to move forward, and teaching has always been something I've been really drawn to. I'm excited to return to school, get my education on, live in a new city and have my own space, and mold some minds in my placements. Plus I will get to visit home very frequently since I will be doing my placements here!

I'm looking forward to some big changes this year! Hope y'all are ready for things to shake up a bit ;)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Transitional Non-Transition

(top: smart set | jeans: american eagle | boots: reitman's | scarf: h&m | earrings: aldo | necklace: modcloth | bracelet: smart set)

Why hello there! It feels like it's been ages. This outfit is an Angela classic. Every Spring, I seem to pull out the stripes and florals and wispy scarves. This time around, I threw this scarf on around my shoulders instead of the usual twist-around-the-neck type of deal. This would be the perfect transitional outfit, if the season were transitioning at all. BUT IT SNOWED TODAY. SNOW. NO TRANSITIONS HERE, WE'LL JUST KEEP WINTERIN' ON, THANKS.

All has been pretty quiet this month on my little blog because *BROKEN RECORD ALERT* work is taking over my life. My bosses at both jobs are on vacation and as a result, my shifts have seemed to double! The past little while has also included many fun evenings: date nights, girly evenings involving face masks and tea, casual get-togethers and game nights, and reunions with friends over appetizers and drinks!

Welp, I am off to bed after a very busy day! I tried to squeeze in some yoga and downtime after work, and lo and behold, it's already midnight. I want to start a petition for more hours in our days!! Who's with meh?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heidi Braids Tutorial

Guys, I think we can all agree that hair dos can be tricky. I love interesting and pretty hair styles as much as the next girl, but sometimes they can be impossible to figure out! Luckily, after years of devouring Pinterest and beauty blogs, I've figured out some easier versions of gorgeous hairstyles which I am going to share with you all :D

Here is a very simple tutorial for Heidi braids! I love the way this hairstyle looks, and it's fairly simple to pull off. This hairstyle works best for medium length hairstyles, but can be adapted for shorter or longer hair!

1. First, grab a handful of bobby pins and some mini elastics!

2. Feel free to leave your natural part, and separate your hair into two equal sections.

3. Begin braiding the first section of hair. Braid tightly at the root, and as you continue, pull your braid toward the ceiling. 

4. Directing your braid into the air will A) make you look silly once you let go, and B) help the braid rest naturally on the top of your head! Tie the end of your braid with a mini elastic.

5. Braid the second section of hair, pulling tightly at the root.

6. Again, direct your braid into the air. Secure with an elastic.

7. Take the first braid, rest it atop your head, and being pinning the braid to your head. Remove the mini elastic once the braid is secure.

8. Take the second braid and rest it atop your head. Tuck the end of this braid into the first braid. Pin the braid to your head and remove the mini elastic.

9. Tuck any loose ends or flyaways into the braids, and pin to secure. Do your best to tuck the ends of each braid out of sight.

10. Loosen up the hair around your face! Allow your bangs to fall naturally.

Note: if your hair is shorter, begin your braids closer to the top of your head. If your hair is longer, overlap the braids and loop them toward the nape of your neck as necessary.

VOILA!! You have successfully worked your lovely locks into a simple heidi braid!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lolo's B Day

(kimono: boathouse | tank: h&m | jeans: american eagle | booties: ardene | necklace: american eagle | earrings: aldo | bracelets: ardene)

This weekend was most definitely the weekend of birthdays! My best friend Laura and my lovely pal Nilah both happen to be born on April 3rd, so I had a fun chain of festivities to partake in. Nilah had a few girls over on Friday for a cute classic night of pizza, ice cream cake and watching Frozen. I was done work at 5 for once, so I was actually able to join. It was such a fun night!

This outfit, however, is from Laura's birthday celebration!! A classic little group of friendos gathered at Mike's house for drinks upon drinks upon drinks! We had a really fun and crazy night full of drinks and music and laughing and drinks and dancing and drinks, complete with a forgotten, melting ice cream cake! And drinks.

I'm loving the kimono life yet again, and thought my black lace one would look just swell with a long gold necklace and booties! This outfit was perfect for a night of drinks, because I was incredibly comfortable but still felt elegant and fancy. In fact, I'm collecting kimonos like a madwoman for that very reason. I just think they are the perfect article of clothing: they feel classy, they're drapey without being baggy, and they are so flattering. I'm currently on the hunt for a short black kimono with a floral print!

Altogether, I had a lovely weekend with my budders! I've spent today cracking down and taking care of some responsibilities and the like. I'm definitely not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow, but what else is new?? I hope you have all had the loveliest of weekends!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Goals

Well guys, I got into teacher's college. Awesome news, right? Great job, Anjew, you go-getter, way to get into a post-graduate program and make steps to carving out a career for yourself, right? This probably should be awesome news, but I am fully torn on the issue. I have NO idea whether I want to accept the application or not. My indeciveness is at an all-time high and I am fully experiencing a quarter life crisis. AND I HAVE UNTIL THE 15TH TO ACCEPT OR ELSE IT IS REVOKED. THE WORLD IS CRUEL. TWO WEEKS, REALLY? I suppose most people have more of a fleshed-out plan when they apply, and probably have things figured out by the time they hear if they've been accepted. Not me though. I suck.

Other than the major life decision I'm trying to work out this month, I have a few simpler goals I'd like to work on. Mostly I need to figure some stuff out, not lose my mind, continue on with life as usual, and also:

  • As always, make healthy decisions a priority! I've been on my A-game for the most part as far as healthy eating goes, but I've put yoga on the backburner for a little while. I really want to make it a daily routine again!
  • Continue working on my future apartment plans. Researching, making lists, collecting projects, and crafting my little heart away.
  • Make time for friends at every possible moment of not working.
  • Don't let the stress of constant work get to me! This means getting in some sleep time. I hate that humans have to sleep. I love sleeping- like, really love it. A lot. But I wish I could use the time for useful activities instead.
  • Pack my lunches up and save my moolah!
  • Read some books this month! I have an insane collection, and yet I've only read 1.5 books so far this year! This is unheard of for me, and is simply pathetic for an English literature graduate/ double bookstore employee.
  • Keep my eye out for job opportunities and apply to what I can (especially a particularly awesome position that I've been putting off for some reason), in case I decide to stay home next year.
  • Decide whether I'm accepting my offer of admission to teacher's college! I don't want to do this. I could go my whole life without having to make this decision. I would love to never have to actively decide the outcome of this, ever ever. But the offer expires on the 15th and I am in utter panic mode.
  • Maybe I should also get my tea leaves read.