Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Showers

(floral chambray shirt: joe fresh | jeans: american eagle | boots: forever 21 | scarf: h&m | leather jacket: h&m | purse: roots)

I hope I don't eat my words again, but Spring seems to have actually arrived! YAHOO! Big news for the North. No more giant coats and woolly socks? Yes please. No more icy noses and cold toes and feeling chilled to the bone? Down. No more hiding inside and wanting to cry just at the sight of blizzardy snow and dark skies outside my window? Sweet. No more brushing off my car, ice-covered windows, waiting for it to warm up, and shovelling feet of snow from the driveway? Heck. To the. Flipping. Yes. It's been pretty rainy and dreary, but I would take that over the snow any day.

My aunt came to town this weekend, and we had a very relaxed Easter. I've also spent lots of time with my closest buds, baking cupcakes and watching movies and going on Springtime adventures. Having kind-of-a-four-day weekend had been such a welcome break!

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