Monday, April 7, 2014

Lolo's B Day

(kimono: boathouse | tank: h&m | jeans: american eagle | booties: ardene | necklace: american eagle | earrings: aldo | bracelets: ardene)

This weekend was most definitely the weekend of birthdays! My best friend Laura and my lovely pal Nilah both happen to be born on April 3rd, so I had a fun chain of festivities to partake in. Nilah had a few girls over on Friday for a cute classic night of pizza, ice cream cake and watching Frozen. I was done work at 5 for once, so I was actually able to join. It was such a fun night!

This outfit, however, is from Laura's birthday celebration!! A classic little group of friendos gathered at Mike's house for drinks upon drinks upon drinks! We had a really fun and crazy night full of drinks and music and laughing and drinks and dancing and drinks, complete with a forgotten, melting ice cream cake! And drinks.

I'm loving the kimono life yet again, and thought my black lace one would look just swell with a long gold necklace and booties! This outfit was perfect for a night of drinks, because I was incredibly comfortable but still felt elegant and fancy. In fact, I'm collecting kimonos like a madwoman for that very reason. I just think they are the perfect article of clothing: they feel classy, they're drapey without being baggy, and they are so flattering. I'm currently on the hunt for a short black kimono with a floral print!

Altogether, I had a lovely weekend with my budders! I've spent today cracking down and taking care of some responsibilities and the like. I'm definitely not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow, but what else is new?? I hope you have all had the loveliest of weekends!!


  1. Lovely outfit, and I adore the necklace Hun. Thanks for your sweet comment. I think you have a sweet blog, I love the graphics. You have a new bloglovin follower! Rachel xo

  2. I'm loving your kimono! I just got my first kimono & it is the bomb!


  3. Like your jeans :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  4. I love your top, so cute!
    Your shoes are my fav!