Sunday, April 27, 2014

Movin' On Out (Eventually)

For the past few months, I have been all in a tizzy over the thought of moving out of my mom's house and getting my own place. Originally, I wasn't sure if I would be going away for school. Moving out seemed to be at least a year away, when Mike and I could get a place together. Despite the wait, I became fully obsessed. I made pinterest boards, started an idea binder, collected ideas for projects, compiled wishlists on every website imaginable, pored over design blogs, and read DIY and design books during every shift.

Now that I know I will be moving out for sure this coming August, my excitement has been replenished! Eep! For the next few months I will be sharing a few of my ideas and inspiration boards in preparation of the big move! I have a lot of things planned and I can't wait to put these ideas into action.

For now, I will begin by sharing a few of my favourite sources (some obvious, and some not-so obvious) to find projects and inspiration for home, apartment, DIY, and moving out :)

  • Young House Love : so many simple, doable, and beautiful DIY project and renovation ideas I wanna die. 
  • Country Living Magazine : an awesome collection of rustic-modern style. There are tons of unique ideas to personalize your home, and also lots of real homes and spaces featured!
  • Ideal Home Magazine : a British magazine that I love to rifle through during my shifts! Lots of cute spaces and unique items. I love all of the moodboards and colour schemes. 
  • Design*Sponge : because duh. This site had been one of my go-to's for design and DIY for as long as I can remember. 
  • A Beautiful Mess : another duh, right? What can I say, so many cute and simple projects. 
  • Apartment Therapy : stock full of inspiration for living in a small space!
  • Bust DIY Guide to Life : lots of fun and nifty projects to be found in this book! Not everything is related to the home, but everything is quirky and adorable. 
  • Adulting : a humourous guide to life for all 20-something's. I'm including this one because the chapter on getting your own apartment was both hilarious and informative! 

If you are a design-blog guru and have already heard of all of these, you should help a sista out and name some other websites in the comments :)