Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Snapshots

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Looking back, April was actually a pretty busy/ hectic/ stressful month! I had important life decisions to make, work was insanely stressful, I probably had 4 days off all month (and lots of 12 hour days which no longer excite me), and I tried streching myself way too thin. I've tried to maintain a social life all month which has meant very little down time, me time, blog time, or taking care of myself. So hopefully I get a handle on that next month LULZ. On the bright side, I've spent lots and lots of time with all sorts of lovely friends and family this month!

  • My bestie Laura turned 23 and I panicked more about her age than she did.
  • I made myself eat lots of healthy snacks (and had probably too many unhealthy snacks, too)
  • Amanda and I had a lovely cliche girls night and she helped me with my stress overload!
  • What would a monthly snapshot collage be without a cute photo of Maya?
  • I dug out some of my favourite old pieces just in time for the Spring weather!
  • Mike and I went to an amazing Craig Cardiff show at Cafe Natura! Then met up with Josh and Laur for a trip to the Casino.
  • We also all made delicious Easter cupcakes together! NOM NOM. So many fun times this month with those two guyz.
  • Mike and I had an awesome staycation together, which was a lovely way to end the month!
  • With very little time to myself, showers and baths have become some of my only essential relaxation time. I am pathetic.