Friday, May 2, 2014

May Goals

I have one major goal this month, and it's pretty straightforward. I want to take a new approach to my own health and wellness. I've been reading Joyous Health these past couple days and it has been super inspiring! Already I have been motivated to change my thinking, show myself some love, and eat mindfully. I will probably write a whole big bloggy post about it!

Also this month:
  • Make taking care of myself and my surroundings more of a priority. Mostly the simple things that get pushed farther and farther down the To Do list in favour of more exciting activities.
  • Introduce a little zen into my life. Meditate and relax and do yoga and think more positively (apparently negativity has been a big problem for me these past few months lulzies)
  • Clean out my closet! Sell come clothes to make some moolah. And also replenish the basics that have been worn out/ that I've been putting off for too long.
  • Make some small preparations for my big move in August!

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