Friday, May 23, 2014

Springtime Simplicity

(top: roots | skirt: garage | belt: h&m | bag: ardene | shoes: ardene | bracelets: smart set)

I have been all about loose-fitting tees these days. Earlier this week, Laura and I had plans to go for dinner, and I just wanted to throw on a t shirt and leggings and roll out the door. Instead, I put in slightly more effort, and donned my favourite maxi skirt. The result was still incredibly comfortable, but I felt put together enough to go out into public! Lately I've really been loving simple, relaxed looks.

It may sound insignificant, but this is one of very few outfits that I actually bought everything I'm wearing... other than my accessories... in the Soo! Items I've bought online or out of town tend to take over my closet. I actually haven't been buying very much these days (in town or online). I would say I deserve a pat on the back, but it's mostly just because I'm broke and am beginning to panic about saving up for school. Classic.


  1. Love this relaxed look... I too have been buying a few comfy/loose fitting tees and I love them. Perf with leggings & cardy's and I'll definitley have to try wearing them with a maxi skirt - love how it came together!! xoxo

  2. This is lovely, I'm a huuuuge maxi skirt fan :) I think you've nailed the laid-back-but-still-chic look.

    Helen xx

  3. lovely photos :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach

  4. Love the look. Simple and comfy and cute.

  5. I really like this! Recently I've been living in long (floral) skirts, belts and tshirts!