Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Birthday Extravaganza

(kimono: boat house | tank: joe fresh | skirt: h&m | flats: ardene's | necklace: american eagle | bracelets: smart set)

Saturday night involved a multitude of celebrations! Em and Mark hosted their joint birthday, but it also happened to be Mindy's birthday, and me and Mike's anniversary. We all got together for a BBQ and drinks, and played a hilarious drinking game called "What If." T'was a grand old time.

I had some major outfit confusion before going out! I had no time to get ready and sent Mike a bunch of different photos of jumbled outfit photos, which he was not helpful with hahah. I ended up pairing this brand new kimono with a black skirt from H&M that I've had for months and never wore! I was really happy with the outfit I settled on but I can't believe how white my legs look compared to the rest of my body... how sad.

I bought this kimono earlier this week because I was stranded at work in my uniform, and going out with Mike and some of his friends immediately after my shift. I knew Laur already owned it and felt like a poop friend for copying her (for like the 80th time). When I confessed to her that I bought it, she confessed to me that she bought a kimono I already owned a few months ago and just hasn't worn it in front of me! We now own 3 of the same kimonos. It was hilarious, and we should just accept that we have been buying the same clothes since the age of 10 and probably always will.

It was a really fun night! Mike and I also had some lovely anniversary celebrations and gift exhanges. And I finally saw Amanda yesterday for a granola-bar-making date!

But I've been hurting for some time to myself. I've gotten very good at faking cleanliness and a good night's sleep. I keep thinking of ohw glorious it's going to be to be done these two jobs in August and just have some time to like... sit down for a few minutes.

Hope you are all enjoying life and getting the chance to sit down and whatnot!


  1. That looks so much fun, the kimono is so pretty!


  2. Love that outfit, and seriously... You are stunningly gorgeous.