Monday, March 31, 2014

March Snapshots

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Oh my goodness! It has been more than a week since my latest update! I've been a busy beaver with 12 hour work days. And then this past weekend, Mike and I went on a little trip to North Bay. He had a fancy political training session to run, and I tagged along for a little holiday! I really needed the break from work, and from our city, and I've started the week feeling refreshed and motivated!! Anyway, this is what the past month has looked like for me:

  • I have spent lots of time hanging out with my good pal Alyssa, who is all sorts of talented and drew a cute little doodle of me and my puppy :)
  • I have also spent lots of time with my friend Amanda and her adorable baby Leland! They are the best and I am going to steal that kid for realsies.
  • I finally braved the judging public eye and took my loudest hat out for a spin.
  • There were a few amazing shows at Cafe Natura this month!
  • LAUR AND JOSH CAME HOME, and we had some lovely qual time together (including the aforementioned amazing shows)
  • I've become obsessed with getting my own place (more on that later) and decorating said future home. My first project has been a set of needlepoint pieces to eventually hang up (more on that later too) 
  • Spring teased us and teased us until Winter decided to come back with a fucking vengeance. This has been the most horrible winter I can recall in many moons!
  • I babysat Leland and we had way too much fun hehe
  • Mike and I ended the month with a lovely trip to North Bay! We saw Sarah, he had a successful meeting, we went for dinner with his political pals, and we won tons of coffees on Roll Up the Rim.

Altogether it was a very successful month! I'm looking forward to April- although I can't believe it's already here :| GAH. March left me feeling very motivated and I'm hoping to continue the feeling for a looonngg time :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Love Song to the City

(dress: forever 21 | tights: h&m | boots: american eagle | hat: gojane | necklace: american eagle | belt: pink chandelier)

Why hello friends! You may have noticed this little blog got a face lift over the weekend! It's a subtle change, but I'm obsessed with the florals. I'm way too excited and I'm being a total n00b about it- but I really needed a change, and I'm feeling blog-refreshed after that small update!

This dress has become somewhat of a staple for me over the years! I'm a huge fan of long sleeved skater dresses. The fact that it's lace only makes it more of a winner in my books! This time around, I paired it with my brown fringey ankle boots (which I always seem to wear with white lace), and the funkiest hat I own. I was really nervous about debuting this hat in the public arena, but I ended up getting a lot of compliments on it! I was also probably blocking the view of many people at the show we went to, since we were front and center moo ha ha. Oops.

Amanda, Laura, Josh, and I went to see Kalle Mattson play at Cafe Natura last night! I have ranted and raved about Kalle Mattson in the past, so I will refrain from gushing again. I will say, though, that it was one of their best shows yet. It was small and intimate and lovely, and we had a ton of fun!

If you want to hear more from this lovely band you should take a listen to the above video! It was written about and filmed in my hometown. It is such an accurate portrayal of our little city and it gives me a case of the warm and fuzzies. And simultaneously makes me wish I didn't live in such a dreary smoky town. Hope you enjoy it haha!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Wee Tardy St. Patty's

(dress: modcloth | tights: h&m | boots: reitman's | belt: urban outfitters | necklace: american eagle)

I'm only three days late to the game... I wish I had swung in here on time, green beer a-blazin, singing along to Flogging Molly and dancing a jig. But as no one will be shocked to hear, I have been busy as can be with work this week. St. Patrick's Day is easily one of my favourite holidays, but this year was a very simmy event. I worked, had a dinner date with Mike, and spent the evening hanging out with Amanda. The rest of the week has followed in similar suit, with some additional appearances by Alyssa- and TODAY, with Laur and Josh who are finally home!

This is one of my absolute favourite dresses, and one of the few green things I own. In fact, it is the very same dress I wore last year (oopsies). Kelly green is easily my favourite shade of green (unless we are counting teal and mint), and in my mind it's a universally flattering colour. Add in some scalloped hems and bird patterns?? Fix it and forget it, this dress is too good to be true.

I hope you all indulged in green foods and alcoholic beverages, and adorned yourselves in green shades from head to toe this year! Hopefully next year you will be seeing many more leprechauns and gold coins and the like from over here on my end.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Out Like a Tiger

(dress: h&m | tights: h&m | boots: ardene | hat: gojane | cardigan: joe fresh | belt: h&m, old | purse: aldo | bangle: h&m)

Hey remember when I said Spring was in the air? That was a funny joke. The outside environment is now a biting, numbing, chill-to-your-bones cold. Don't let the sunshine fool you. That's just another example of March being a tease, the way it is year after year. Le sigh. Winter really is going out like a tiger this year, heh heh heh (I know that isn't the actual saying- I'm wearing a tiger dress, let me have this one).

This dress is one of my absolute favourites! I got lots of wear out if it throughout the summer, but I hadn't thought to layer it for winter weather until yesterday! I'm so glad I did, because it goes well with everything (especially, as it turns out, these boots I got for $10)!

Life has been pretty simmy this past little while! I've been working up a storm and watching lots of House of Cards with Mike (it's his second time watching). I am absolutely hooked. I'm determined to finish season 2 before he has to go out of town this weekend.

Hope you are all dealing with the cold better than I am! Or better yet, I hope you are living in lovely warm climates where you don't have to concern yourself with matters such as snow, wind chill, and the lake effect *shudder* (no seriously, I am constantly shuddering)! Thanks for reading, lovely friends!

Friday, March 14, 2014

True & Co.

Ladies, real talk. I am in dire need of a new bra. I can't be the only one here. I've bought one (cheap) bra in the past year. And while I appear to have quite the collection in my underwear drawer, I've been buying the wrong size, most of my bras are falling apart, and they just aren't doing their job quite the way they should be. My boobies have been crying out for help, y'all.

Enter True & Co. I'm sure some of you have heard whisperings here and there of this reimagined online bra shop. Overcome with curiousity (and a little bit of desperation), I decided to check things out for myself. And it. Is. Awesome.

The website was designed with the understanding that bra shopping is an offshoot of hell. Every horrible aspect of bra shopping has been taken into consideration and dealt with. COULD YOU ASK FOR MORE?

1. Questionnaire
There are no measuring tapes or bra-fitters eyeballing your breast region involved in this bra fitting. You simply fill out a questionnaire about your current bras and the way they fit.

2. Recommendations
Your ideal size is figured out for you based on your answers! True & Co. lets you know if you should consider changing your cup or band size, and recommends various styles that would be the perfect fit and style for your unique needs. FURTHERMORE: their sizes are tested and true, and they only offer bras in the sizes that work. So if you have 34DD-ish boobs like me, they won't try to trick you into buying a flimsy bra with teeny weeny straps. Cause y'all, I've been there before, and that shit just ain't gonna work out. They also recommend your ideal size for each specific bra. Not all bras fit the same, so if you're most likely a 36D in one bra and a 36DD in another, they're gonna let you know. The descriptions for each bra are also very helpful and descriptive.

3. At-Home Try On!
MY FAVE PART. Once you pick out your 5 favourite bras, you can get them sent right to your doorstep for a 5-day at-home try on! Trying bras on in the comfort of your own home? Yes please. You can try each bra on with various outfits, take your time, check yourself out, see what they look like without the heavenly haze of dressing room lighting, and take a few days to think on it. You can also try out a few different fits and sizes before committing to anything! I ended up being so impressed with the quality and feel of each bra that I was legitimately tempted to buy them all.

In the end, these were my winning picks:

The first one is sheer and a little scandalous. It won me over because it's unlike any bra I've owned or even seen before. It was insanely comfortable, flattering, and I loved the fun touch of neon pink. I've never bought an unlined bra before, and probably wouldn't have if it weren't for this website.

The second bra is more what I was originally in the market for: a pretty, lacy black bra to wear day-to-day (I've always preferred black lace bras as an everyday option for some reason). This was the first balconette bra that I've tried that fit me properly and suited me. The band was a little tight, but True & Co. was ahead of me on this one, and informed me that the band would stretch to fit me perfectly within a few months!

Neither of these bras were the ones I anticipated picking. I'm so glad I had the chance to try them all on, because the results were really surprising, even for someone who considers themself an expert at online shopping and fit-predictions. They were quite a bit pricier than I would normally go for, but I've come to understand that bras are something you need to invest a little extra moolah in (plus today is Pay Day so I feel rich).

This isn't even a sponsored post, you guys. I just really enjoyed my experience with True & Co. and think you should all give it a shot!

Please note: their services are currently only available in the United States. I am fortunate enough to live on a border city, so I simply had them sent to the US and picked them up at my favourite shipping depot (this also invovled an extremely awkward conversation with the border guard when he asked what I was taking back). TRUE & CO., COME TO CANADA!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is in the Air?

(top: boathouse | cardigan: h&m | tights: garage | boots: suzy shier | beanie: smart set | necklace: american eagle | bracelets: smart set, h&m)

Maybe? Kind of? The snow is melting a little bit, the air is mildly warmer, and the days are longer because of the equal-parts-wonderful-and-horrible Daylight Savings. So I'm feeling a little too optimistic about winter making its way out the door. I really hate winter, you guys. It's no joke. I don't know why I live in Northern Ontario. I need a rescue mission to get me out of this wintry tundra.

Other than my hatred for the cold, not much is new in the world of Angela! Last night I went for a cute little library date with Amanda and her baby Leland, who is my new best friend. It was an adorable night and we had lots of fun as per usual! I don't normally like kids, but Leland is way too cute and cool. I am probably going to kidnap him and pretend he is my son, so if you see him regularly on this blog in the future just ACT COOL, K?

In other news, I am exponentially exhausted and a huge cranky bum these days. I'm actually swamped with work, and yet I am still broke beyond belief and attempting some urgent budget control. What is even the point of work, you know? My money struts into my chequing account every two weeks and then turns right around and goes back the way it came from. Never to be seen or heard from again.

I'm also at a lovely stage of Freak Out in regards to having to make Life Decisions. Just constant thoughts about my future plans/ potential schooling/ applying for career-type jobs/ wanting to move out but having no money. It's great. A really lovely time in my life. I'm feeling totally calm, cool, and collected. An anxiety-free zone if I ever saw one (You can't see me right now, but I have a huge anxious grin plastered on my face while I do everything I can to avoid hyperventilating).

Let's all quit our day jobs and begin a community with love as our currency. ☮ ✌ ♥ ...This is mostly not at all a joke. If you're into this idea just hit me up, we will talk things out.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Good News and Bad Ideas

(dress: modcloth | sweater: forever 21 | tights: joe fresh | flats: h&m | belt: forever 21 | bracelet: h&m)

The good news:
  • My hellish 11-day row of awful shifts and overnights and 12-hour days is finally over! I was really starting to lose my mind a little bit (I don't even remember writing this post, seriously). I spent all day yesterday relaxing, napping, pinning inspiration boards for my eventual new apartment (obsessed with this activity lately), and hanging out with Mike. Best day ever.
  • The heat shield on my car detached earlier this week, but Mike was able to hook me up and got it fixed FO FREE!!! 
  • My mom has rescheduled the vacation we were supposed to take last month! Now my mom is taking me and Mike to Florida in August! Holla at me, Harry Potter.
  • After some exciting discussions with my boss at Bookstore #2, my future is looking far less bleak!
  • I am on top of my health game like nobody's business and I am feeling like $100000.
  • Laura and Josh start their placements in the Soo later this month! YAHOO FRIENDS!! I also get to go to North Bay at the end of this month and will get to see Sarah!

The bad ideas:
  • Mike and I were in a huge rush and decided to be risky and try backing my tiny car out of his driveway... without clearing the baby bank that a snow plow had just created at the end of his driveway. This resulted in my car getting stuck, and 2 of his neighbours and their grandchildren running over and helping us push and dig it out. Awkward.
  • Wearing little flats in this monstrous disaster of snow. I am in denial that winter is still hitting us with full force. It's March. It's supposed to be Spring.
  • Trying to take outfit photos in a heavy snowfall. WHEN WILL I LEARN?

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Guest Post on Straight Up Z!

Hello friends! I'm writing over at Straight Up Z today while Z is on vacation in Mexico! Take a look at my post, and make sure to have a poke around and say hello to Z while you're there. I absolutely love Z's blog, and I'm sure you will too!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Workaholics Anonymous

(blouse: smart set | pants: smart set | shoes: ardene | cardigan: smart set | necklace: american eagle | bracelets: h&m | puppy: cute-ville)

I wore this outfit to work earlier this week! I am essentially a walking billboard for Smart Set. This is somewhat appropriate and bittersweet, because the Smart Set in the Soo is due to close down at the end of March. In most cities, this wouldn't be a blog-worthy event. But in my little shitville, Smart Set is an absolutely essential shopping location, and everyone I've spoken to has experienced the same heartache as me. So sad :(

Anyway, this is a perfectly acceptable outfit for Bookstore #2, where no uniform is required. But I continued to wear it for the whole day, into my shift at Bookstore #1. I have been feeling rebellious about uniform requirements these days, and so have the rest of our staff. I'm finding it harder and harder to care about collared shirts and solid black, white, and blue. Blech. I also jumped out of bed this morning with no time to get ready for my shift and didn't have time to pack a second outfit hehehe.

(Maya wants in on these photographs hehe!)

I still haven't had a day off since that late-night inventory hell that I described last week (today I am going on Day 9 and Shift #11). In fact, I have also had a few 12 hour work days thrown in for good measure. I am POOCHED and can't get into my regular routine and my body is feelin' it. I just want a day to lie in bed and drink tea and browse Pinterest!! WHYYYYyy. I'm trying very hard to think about the money, but my body seems determined to shut down and my brain is otherwise focused on trying to stay awake and functional... I never thought I would say it's hard to think about the money ;)

In other news, I am getting right back into my health kick with Amanda (okay we are always in a bit of a health kick/ struggle to overcome a sugar addiction). Last night we got together late after work to go shopping for a detox cleanse. I had full intentions to participate until we got to the grocery store and I experienced severe sticker shock. So instead, I bought some healthy (much cheaper) groceries for a meal plan that Amanda had already helped me write up. After that, we went back to Amanda's apartment, and blended and juiced into the wee hours of the morning. It was actually superbly fun.

A main internet provider was down city-wide last night, so this post is coming to you a day later than I intended! It was so apocalypse-esque and sparked many discussions about what would happen if the internet ever went down worldwide. Aside from it being shitty and inconvenient, I think the world would actually cease to function for a good while. It is scary to think about. And I would really miss this little blog ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Goals

February was a rough month, as I've whined about again and again. To say it was challenging would be an understatement, but for the most part, I'm proud of the way I've kept my head up and trucked right along. With February in my dust, I am absolutely thrilled for March. I have big things planned, and I've decided March is my month to get started on achieving some goals. I'm feeling motivated and driven, I want to make changes, and I feel creatively charged. I'm also ready to adjust my attitude and loosen up a little bit. Here is a little glimpse of what I have in mind for March:

  • Focus on my health and well being. Hit the yoga mat, avoid bad snacks, and get my 8 hours of sleep & 8 glasses of water in every day. The usual.
  • Get out of my style rut. I want to plan my outfits, rediscover old items, and involve more colour.
  • Seek and collect inspiration, and challenge myself creatively.
  • Manage my finances. Plan, budget, pay off bills, and save what I can.
  • Help Mike with his busy month and show him I appreciate him. 
  • I've been very grateful to have so many supportive and awesome friends lately. I need to continue to make time for my friends in town and show my out-of-town friends their share of lovin as well.
  • Stop sweating the small (and big) stuff. This has been such a huge issue for me lately and I can no longer deal. I need to work on taking a deep breath, not taking things personally, and letting things go. I am such a worry wart, you guys. I need to chill.
  • Lower my expectations without lowering my standards, if that makes sense. I expect too much and am disappointed too easily. I am not perfect, other people are sometimes assholes, and things can't always go the way I think they should. To return to my above point, I need let things go.

I'm feeling really good about this month, friends! I hope March proves to be a lovely time for all of us. And I wouldn't complain if the snow made its way out the door.