Friday, March 14, 2014

True & Co.

Ladies, real talk. I am in dire need of a new bra. I can't be the only one here. I've bought one (cheap) bra in the past year. And while I appear to have quite the collection in my underwear drawer, I've been buying the wrong size, most of my bras are falling apart, and they just aren't doing their job quite the way they should be. My boobies have been crying out for help, y'all.

Enter True & Co. I'm sure some of you have heard whisperings here and there of this reimagined online bra shop. Overcome with curiousity (and a little bit of desperation), I decided to check things out for myself. And it. Is. Awesome.

The website was designed with the understanding that bra shopping is an offshoot of hell. Every horrible aspect of bra shopping has been taken into consideration and dealt with. COULD YOU ASK FOR MORE?

1. Questionnaire
There are no measuring tapes or bra-fitters eyeballing your breast region involved in this bra fitting. You simply fill out a questionnaire about your current bras and the way they fit.

2. Recommendations
Your ideal size is figured out for you based on your answers! True & Co. lets you know if you should consider changing your cup or band size, and recommends various styles that would be the perfect fit and style for your unique needs. FURTHERMORE: their sizes are tested and true, and they only offer bras in the sizes that work. So if you have 34DD-ish boobs like me, they won't try to trick you into buying a flimsy bra with teeny weeny straps. Cause y'all, I've been there before, and that shit just ain't gonna work out. They also recommend your ideal size for each specific bra. Not all bras fit the same, so if you're most likely a 36D in one bra and a 36DD in another, they're gonna let you know. The descriptions for each bra are also very helpful and descriptive.

3. At-Home Try On!
MY FAVE PART. Once you pick out your 5 favourite bras, you can get them sent right to your doorstep for a 5-day at-home try on! Trying bras on in the comfort of your own home? Yes please. You can try each bra on with various outfits, take your time, check yourself out, see what they look like without the heavenly haze of dressing room lighting, and take a few days to think on it. You can also try out a few different fits and sizes before committing to anything! I ended up being so impressed with the quality and feel of each bra that I was legitimately tempted to buy them all.

In the end, these were my winning picks:

The first one is sheer and a little scandalous. It won me over because it's unlike any bra I've owned or even seen before. It was insanely comfortable, flattering, and I loved the fun touch of neon pink. I've never bought an unlined bra before, and probably wouldn't have if it weren't for this website.

The second bra is more what I was originally in the market for: a pretty, lacy black bra to wear day-to-day (I've always preferred black lace bras as an everyday option for some reason). This was the first balconette bra that I've tried that fit me properly and suited me. The band was a little tight, but True & Co. was ahead of me on this one, and informed me that the band would stretch to fit me perfectly within a few months!

Neither of these bras were the ones I anticipated picking. I'm so glad I had the chance to try them all on, because the results were really surprising, even for someone who considers themself an expert at online shopping and fit-predictions. They were quite a bit pricier than I would normally go for, but I've come to understand that bras are something you need to invest a little extra moolah in (plus today is Pay Day so I feel rich).

This isn't even a sponsored post, you guys. I just really enjoyed my experience with True & Co. and think you should all give it a shot!

Please note: their services are currently only available in the United States. I am fortunate enough to live on a border city, so I simply had them sent to the US and picked them up at my favourite shipping depot (this also invovled an extremely awkward conversation with the border guard when he asked what I was taking back). TRUE & CO., COME TO CANADA!!


  1. nice blog and great post! I really like those pictures! I think I will be here more often! :)

    Don't forget to stop by and say hello!

  2. Oh my gosh, this place seems amazing! I am definitely in need of a few new bras, I'll definitely be checking them out :)


  3. oh wow I'll have to check this out...I've been having the same bra issues that you've been having. Thanks!

  4. This sounds like a great company! I currently live in the bralettes by Aerie, but I'd love to branch out a bit!