Monday, March 31, 2014

March Snapshots

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Oh my goodness! It has been more than a week since my latest update! I've been a busy beaver with 12 hour work days. And then this past weekend, Mike and I went on a little trip to North Bay. He had a fancy political training session to run, and I tagged along for a little holiday! I really needed the break from work, and from our city, and I've started the week feeling refreshed and motivated!! Anyway, this is what the past month has looked like for me:

  • I have spent lots of time hanging out with my good pal Alyssa, who is all sorts of talented and drew a cute little doodle of me and my puppy :)
  • I have also spent lots of time with my friend Amanda and her adorable baby Leland! They are the best and I am going to steal that kid for realsies.
  • I finally braved the judging public eye and took my loudest hat out for a spin.
  • There were a few amazing shows at Cafe Natura this month!
  • LAUR AND JOSH CAME HOME, and we had some lovely qual time together (including the aforementioned amazing shows)
  • I've become obsessed with getting my own place (more on that later) and decorating said future home. My first project has been a set of needlepoint pieces to eventually hang up (more on that later too) 
  • Spring teased us and teased us until Winter decided to come back with a fucking vengeance. This has been the most horrible winter I can recall in many moons!
  • I babysat Leland and we had way too much fun hehe
  • Mike and I ended the month with a lovely trip to North Bay! We saw Sarah, he had a successful meeting, we went for dinner with his political pals, and we won tons of coffees on Roll Up the Rim.

Altogether it was a very successful month! I'm looking forward to April- although I can't believe it's already here :| GAH. March left me feeling very motivated and I'm hoping to continue the feeling for a looonngg time :)

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