Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Workaholics Anonymous

(blouse: smart set | pants: smart set | shoes: ardene | cardigan: smart set | necklace: american eagle | bracelets: h&m | puppy: cute-ville)

I wore this outfit to work earlier this week! I am essentially a walking billboard for Smart Set. This is somewhat appropriate and bittersweet, because the Smart Set in the Soo is due to close down at the end of March. In most cities, this wouldn't be a blog-worthy event. But in my little shitville, Smart Set is an absolutely essential shopping location, and everyone I've spoken to has experienced the same heartache as me. So sad :(

Anyway, this is a perfectly acceptable outfit for Bookstore #2, where no uniform is required. But I continued to wear it for the whole day, into my shift at Bookstore #1. I have been feeling rebellious about uniform requirements these days, and so have the rest of our staff. I'm finding it harder and harder to care about collared shirts and solid black, white, and blue. Blech. I also jumped out of bed this morning with no time to get ready for my shift and didn't have time to pack a second outfit hehehe.

(Maya wants in on these photographs hehe!)

I still haven't had a day off since that late-night inventory hell that I described last week (today I am going on Day 9 and Shift #11). In fact, I have also had a few 12 hour work days thrown in for good measure. I am POOCHED and can't get into my regular routine and my body is feelin' it. I just want a day to lie in bed and drink tea and browse Pinterest!! WHYYYYyy. I'm trying very hard to think about the money, but my body seems determined to shut down and my brain is otherwise focused on trying to stay awake and functional... I never thought I would say it's hard to think about the money ;)

In other news, I am getting right back into my health kick with Amanda (okay we are always in a bit of a health kick/ struggle to overcome a sugar addiction). Last night we got together late after work to go shopping for a detox cleanse. I had full intentions to participate until we got to the grocery store and I experienced severe sticker shock. So instead, I bought some healthy (much cheaper) groceries for a meal plan that Amanda had already helped me write up. After that, we went back to Amanda's apartment, and blended and juiced into the wee hours of the morning. It was actually superbly fun.

A main internet provider was down city-wide last night, so this post is coming to you a day later than I intended! It was so apocalypse-esque and sparked many discussions about what would happen if the internet ever went down worldwide. Aside from it being shitty and inconvenient, I think the world would actually cease to function for a good while. It is scary to think about. And I would really miss this little blog ;)


  1. oh no that's sad that Smart Set is closing where you live :( I've really been liking their stuff lately!
    and your shifts sound horrible I hope you get your day of tea and relaxation soon. You're MUCH better off eating proper healthy food than a detox or juice cleanse, trust me ;)

  2. I love this outfit! Your shirt is really very very pretty :)


  3. Love love love that top. I always love your outfits! Also, I've nominated your for a Liebster award on my blog, if you'd like to fill it out! (no obligation of course!) Have a lovely day :)