Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Wee Tardy St. Patty's

(dress: modcloth | tights: h&m | boots: reitman's | belt: urban outfitters | necklace: american eagle)

I'm only three days late to the game... I wish I had swung in here on time, green beer a-blazin, singing along to Flogging Molly and dancing a jig. But as no one will be shocked to hear, I have been busy as can be with work this week. St. Patrick's Day is easily one of my favourite holidays, but this year was a very simmy event. I worked, had a dinner date with Mike, and spent the evening hanging out with Amanda. The rest of the week has followed in similar suit, with some additional appearances by Alyssa- and TODAY, with Laur and Josh who are finally home!

This is one of my absolute favourite dresses, and one of the few green things I own. In fact, it is the very same dress I wore last year (oopsies). Kelly green is easily my favourite shade of green (unless we are counting teal and mint), and in my mind it's a universally flattering colour. Add in some scalloped hems and bird patterns?? Fix it and forget it, this dress is too good to be true.

I hope you all indulged in green foods and alcoholic beverages, and adorned yourselves in green shades from head to toe this year! Hopefully next year you will be seeing many more leprechauns and gold coins and the like from over here on my end.