Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is in the Air?

(top: boathouse | cardigan: h&m | tights: garage | boots: suzy shier | beanie: smart set | necklace: american eagle | bracelets: smart set, h&m)

Maybe? Kind of? The snow is melting a little bit, the air is mildly warmer, and the days are longer because of the equal-parts-wonderful-and-horrible Daylight Savings. So I'm feeling a little too optimistic about winter making its way out the door. I really hate winter, you guys. It's no joke. I don't know why I live in Northern Ontario. I need a rescue mission to get me out of this wintry tundra.

Other than my hatred for the cold, not much is new in the world of Angela! Last night I went for a cute little library date with Amanda and her baby Leland, who is my new best friend. It was an adorable night and we had lots of fun as per usual! I don't normally like kids, but Leland is way too cute and cool. I am probably going to kidnap him and pretend he is my son, so if you see him regularly on this blog in the future just ACT COOL, K?

In other news, I am exponentially exhausted and a huge cranky bum these days. I'm actually swamped with work, and yet I am still broke beyond belief and attempting some urgent budget control. What is even the point of work, you know? My money struts into my chequing account every two weeks and then turns right around and goes back the way it came from. Never to be seen or heard from again.

I'm also at a lovely stage of Freak Out in regards to having to make Life Decisions. Just constant thoughts about my future plans/ potential schooling/ applying for career-type jobs/ wanting to move out but having no money. It's great. A really lovely time in my life. I'm feeling totally calm, cool, and collected. An anxiety-free zone if I ever saw one (You can't see me right now, but I have a huge anxious grin plastered on my face while I do everything I can to avoid hyperventilating).

Let's all quit our day jobs and begin a community with love as our currency. ☮ ✌ ♥ ...This is mostly not at all a joke. If you're into this idea just hit me up, we will talk things out.


  1. I absolutely love your outfit, it's lovely! And wow, you have a VERY different definition of spring in Canada huh? (I see some ice on the floor haha)


  2. push through the rough times! I'm doing the same thing right now. I just keep telling myself that it all gets done and everything works out how its supposed to! Keep your head up! & adorable tunic.


  3. Love your floral printed top. We didn't get winter at all in SoCal this year so I will gladly trade you my warm weather for your cold weather haha. And I've definitely been at that stage of freaking out about life decisions. It's a hard point in one's life but, trust me, it will pass :)