Thursday, February 20, 2014

Florals in the Office

(blazer: urban outfitters | tank: pink chandelier | trousers: suzy shier | boots: suzy shier | necklace: american eagle | bracelet: h&m)

Hello lovely friends! This is the outfit I wore to work at Bookstore #2 today! It was a long day full of tasking and no customers, since it's currently Reading Week and the there are no students to be found throughout the school.

I've read before that an hourglass figure is apparently supposed to be the easiest to dress. However, I find I often have a difficult time finding clothes that fit my bust and hips/ butt, while still accentuating my waist. This outfit is a good example! I tried pairing a blousy top with a more fitted blazer, and I like this outfit in general. But I am all boxy in the torso. Mer! What's a lady to do?? Try a more fitted top, I suppose (I just like this pattern so much! Merp).

This week hasn't turned out entirely as I hoped! Me and Mike were supposed to go across the river with Em and Mark on Tuesday, and I had such a fun outfit planned. BUT I woke up that morning with really horrible yucky flu symptoms, and after much deliberation, we had to cancel our plans :( I felt better after 24 hours of sleeping at least, but it was too bad that I had to be sick the day we had a fun night planned!

I've had some lovely little days this week though- going for brunch with Mike, Em, and Mark, visiting Amanda at her new apartment, and having some dates with Mike before he leaves for Montreal. Now he is out of town and I am in Needy Girlfriend Mode. However, I also have some fun nights planned for this weekend- a fun catch-up tonight with friends who are back in town, and a girls night out with friends from work on Saturday! Not altogether shabby.

Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!! :)


  1. Nice outfit, you don't look boxy in the middle! The shirt and blazer together look great. Have a good weekend!


  2. Love the top, I think it suits you :) have a lovely weekend, sounds like you have some nice things planned!xx