Friday, January 31, 2014

January Snapshots

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This month absolutely flew by. I can't believe it's already February tomorrow!! I've had a month full of working, but other than that it's been a lovely start to 2014! Here are some highlights of January...

  • Mike bought me a wonderful Roots crossbody bag which I have become obsessed with!
  • Maya and I spent lots of quality time together this month hehe :)
  • I decided to get back in the reading game this month and finally read Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
  • More traditional bakery visits were had :) Mike and I also had a fun night baking banana bread. He did most of the baking. I am useless in the kitchen.
  • The winter conditions are excessive and horrible in the Soo. I hate winter.
  • Sarah came to visit and we had a lovely weekend hanging out, and also saw Alyssa which was so fun!
  • Bookstore #1 had a lovely belated holiday party! It was a full-blown feast.
  • I started getting ready for my cruise next month! Lots of list-making, summer-clothing-buying, and outfit planning
  • The Soo has its perks sometimes, and Queen St. is always so pretty!


  1. Beautiful pictures and great post. It is amazing to see what you've been up to lately.

  2. So nice and beautifull blog ! Lovely ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , just follow me and let me know ! I will follow u back as soon as possible