Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stripes and a Tardis

(striped blouse: h&m | trouser-leggings: suzy shier | boots: boathouse | scarf: h&m | necklace: forever 21)

I had very little time to get ready for work yesterday. I threw on a random outfit, brushed my bangs and ran my curling iron over random bits of hair, applied a little bit of makeup, and ran out the door willy-nilly. And I ended up liking my outfit a lot more than I would have expected (my boss also happened to be wearing a striped top that matched mine haha)! This kind of look is definitely becoming a signature look for me, I'm always wearing a big circle scarf and big long necklace these days. I actually bought this striped blouse ages ago, but it's been quite the wardrobe staple over the years. You can't see because of my scarf, but the shoulders are adorable and involve a row of little golden buttons. I am also in love with these pants- they look like dress pants but feel like leggings. It's the perfect pair of pants for both of my jobs, when I have to look at least somewhat professional but want to feel comfortable.

After work yesterday, I took a short trip to a little store on Queen Street called Just British. They have all sorts of British candies, and gifts from popular British shows and movies. They've installed a life-size Tardis since the last time I went and I was SO excited!! It's the coolest. While I was there I picked up a few little gifts for Mike, including a Doctor Who scarf which is just the coolest. I made him up a little package to cheer him up since it's the beginning of his semester. I included some fun Adventure Time Mad Libs (which I'm really excited to do with him heh heh heh) and British candy!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend :)


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  3. Cute style and I love your smile haha!
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  4. Lovely look! Love the Tardis shot! x
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  5. lovely post. love the snapshots. xo

  6. I love the top! I'm a sucker for anything with stripes or florals. I don't watch Dr Who - but that Tardis looks pretty amazing. I always find it so funny when people get so excited over british sweets - though we're the same with american sweets. Our local supermarket started stocking american stuff and the isle was empty within minutes haha!
    Have a lovely week!

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  8. I loved mad libs as a child, reminds me of long cross country road trips. I am a huge adventure time fan--so this sounds like a perfect match!

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