Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Haul

Welp. This is what it looks like when I avoid shopping all month. I am ashamed. I didn't buy a whole lot, and everything was reasonably priced, but this is such a pathetic attempt at giving up shopping. :( I suck.

(bikini top: walmart)

This bathing suit top was a semi-practical purchase at least! I bought it since my mom and I are going on a cruise next month! It was a steal at only $7, at Walmart no less, and is super cute and retro. However, I didn't try it on before purchasing, and it also happens to bring a whole new meaning to itsy bitsy teeny weeny (black) polka dot bikini. Damn it. #wearingitanyway

(floral kimono: suzy shier | black lace kimono: boathouse | aztec kimono: boathouse)

We all know about my love of kimonos by now (I may have mentioned it once or twice). Even though this may have been a poor financial choice, I'm glad to have extended my kimono selection so much this month hehehe.

(oversized floral tank: pink chandelier)

This is another purchase in preparation for my upcoming cruise! This top is sheer and oversized and breezy, and I can't wait to wear it with shorts! Ermagerd I cannot even believe I will soon be in warm temperatures with no snow and the ability to wear shorts. It doesn't even seem like a feasible possibility that there are places in this world that don't have snowbanks up to my shoulders. WEOOO!

(black crochet dress: boathouse | dusty pink lace dress: pink chandelier)

(mustard circle scarf: boathouse)

Aaaaaand I've already told the legendary story of this mustard scarf. I no longer regret this purchase and the fact that my best friends and I are triplets. This scarf was worth it.

Well, there is always next month to reinstate my shopping ban! Of course I will be on a long vacation so it's unlikely that I will avoid shopping that well. On the other hand, I will have 10 days without working so it's even less likely that I will have money to complete said shopping! Let's see how this goes!


  1. I love everything that you've bought. That bikini is so so cute too bad it's teeny tiny haha. I actually have bought so many bikinis from walmart, always so cheap but still cute :)

  2. I totally know what you mean about trying to give up shopping; I told myself I wouldn't shop much this year, but I've already bought so much stuff! Well anyways, I love everything you've bought, especially those kimonos!