Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas in January

(kimono: suzy shier | tank top: american eagle | jeans: american eagle | flats: ardene | purse: aldo | earrings: suzy shier | bracelets: h&m)

This past weekend, my work had our annual holiday party! We all went to Casa Mia, and ate a huge Italian family style feast! I get sick of Italian food pretty easily, considering I am part of an Italian family, and live in the Soo (which I am convinced is Italian capital of North America). However- the food was spectacularly delicious and I stuffed myself beyond my full capacity. I am still dreaming of the potatoes. Nom nom nom. We also had a cute little Yankee swap. It was actually a really fun time, and I'm glad our staff had a nice dinner together after the stress of the past month at work :)

I am truly becoming obsessed with kimonos and drapey cardigans. This one is the third one I've bought this month :S... One day at work, I walked by the store and fell in love with this pretty floral pattern. I knew it would be the perfect addition to my closet! It originally had all sorts of fringeys on the arms in addition to the ones on the bottom, but it felt excessive and I just knew I would trail the fringe in food. Luckily my mom is a hero and removed them for me in just a few quick seconds!

Work is slowing down at both jobs and I am finding it hard to adjust to less hours and slower shifts! I think I'm finally feeling the effects of being completely done my BA. I have so much free time and my grammar is on a down slide!! I'm currently on the job hunt for job #3 to cope with my boredom and low funds, but I'm also debating whether that's a wise idea since I am probably moving away next year. Actually I'm just debating my whole future in general, as ya do! Classic. Hope you are all experiencing a little more certainty than I am regarding your future ;)

(Disclaimer: These blurry indoor photos are the worst. Once I can go outside for more than two minutes without completely freezing into an ice cube... well I will consider it hehe)


  1. Lovely blog and style! That kimono is incredible. I tried a fringe kimono on last year and hated the idea of getting the fringey bits in my food! Genius idea of just taking them off (why didn't I think of that?)!
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    The Glee Project

  2. Love this outfit! So cute!!



  3. You looked seriously gorg for the Christmas party! I smiled about the part where you said you're still dreaming of potatoes. Lol!! Even though i'm not Italian I still dream of potatoes.

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  5. Love your outfit and your shoes! Kimonos are lovely :)