Monday, March 11, 2013

On The Tracks

I seem to have taken a bit of an accidental hiatus from the blogosphere this past week! Things have been busy and whatnot, and they're about to get even busier. Ugh. I have an insane amount of work to do for next week, lots of presentations and tests and assignments and essays, I have important plans for the weekend, PLUS I've still been working 30 hours a week. Let's see if I survive to tell you how it is! Sigh.

I wore this outfit last week to school. I love this tunic and wear it very often, but if I'm real with y'all, I don't love this outfit! I really like this cardigan, and thought the olive green was a pretty colour with the black and white, but it's just too short for this top, wah. Plus, one the boots from my absolute favourite pair (worn here, here, here, and here) broke in a major way last week. It was heart breaking. I'm probably going to go get them repaired, but I just know it's going to be sooo expensive for my poor student budget! I think they're worth it though, considering I wear those boots ALL the time and I can't imagine my life without them *tear*. Anyway, since my boot broke, I was forced to wear a different pair with this outfit! I still really like these boots but they just don't seem to look right, ya know? It's just not the same. Sigh.

I've been really run down and worn out these days! I'm stretching myself too thin, constantly going from school to work and back again. What with trying to keep up with homework, music lessons, some stressful situations at home, and attempting to maintain a social life, I haven't made much time for sleep! Classic student life, eh guys? Ah well, the school year is over soon, and then I can fully devote myself to my life as a bookstore employee, hahaha. Sigh.

It's starting to seem pretty ironic that this depressing/stressful post also involves train tracks. Maybe I should have just laid down right there on the tracks, AMIRITE? Just kidding. Suicide is not the answer (but dropping out of school might be).

Outfit Details
Medium Format Memory Tunic- Modcloth
Olive Cardigan- Joe Fresh
Triangle Necklace- American Eagle
Espresso Lane Boots- Modcloth
Belt- Forever 21

(photo | photo)


  1. Ah student life, I know how that is. You still have time to rock lovely outfits tho, plus! :-) Cute pics friend!

    XO Jenna

  2. well i still love the outfit.
    and it looks chilly!


  3. Love the tunic - super cute!

    See Mo Go.