Sunday, July 20, 2014

Apartment Wishlist: Entranceway

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Most people probably don't make wishlists for an apartment entranceway. I get that. I totally get that. But I am someone who not only thinks a lot about the items they would like immediately beside their front door, but also someone who formulates a little collage featuring said items. And then blogs about it.

I think of entranceways as your immediate look into a person's home, and for that reason it can be pretty important! It's your first impression and can set the tone for the rest of your spaces. Why not fill it with adorable things?

I like the idea of keeping things organized right from the get go: a place to keep coats and hats, a tray to throw your keys in, and ample shelves for decorations, or whatever you may need to store by the door. I also love the little chalkboard sign to leave notes for any roommates or significant others that you may be sharing your space with :)

Not only is the entranceway your first glance into a home, it's the last thing you'll see on the way out, so why not set a reminder for all the important things facing you in the outside world? This doormat is the perfect reminder to make sure you have all of your important items on hand before you leave. I also love the "Adventure is Out There" print, as some encouragement to face whatever the world has to offer :)

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