Saturday, February 7, 2015

Some Wine and a Bride

One of my best friends from North Bay is getting married this summer and we're all so excited for her! Last night, Larissa's maid of honour threw her a lingerie bridal party. The group involved our group of friends from school and a bunch of her old roommates. Larissa used to live in a house of 9 girls with SARAH, so Larissa and I knew of each other before this year through Sarah, and that's how we actually first connected in class! Sarah was also there, and the party was at Sarah's house, because her roommate is the maid of honour! Simply craziness, so many connections.

The party was such a blast. There were delicious snacks and lots of wine, which is always a great time in my books. We all bought lingerie for Larissa, and surprisingly everyone actually kept the gifts very classy!! I was SO jealous of Larissa's newly acquired collection, and decided I HAVE to do this for my wedding (in 8 or so years lulz). She got so many pretty new bras, underwear, baby dolls, and even a pretty robe! SWOON. I love pretty undergarments. I was dying. It was also a generally hilarious event, and we were being a silly group of gabby girls. We ended the night with a hilarious dance party. Definitely showcased our best moves.

My friends are such a blast and we had such a great time laughing and dancing. I'm so glad I have a fun group of girlfriends in North Bay! We always talk about how lucky we are, and how we don't know what we would have done if we didn't have each other. Our section is great in many ways, but the four of us just click like crazy. I'm gonna miss these girls once I go back home for placement! But it was so much fun to have a final night together :)