Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cozy in Class

(cape: ardene's | dress: h&m | tights: h&m | boots: spring | necklace: american eagle | belt: h&m | bracelets: h&m)

I can't believe it's already the last week of school before my next- and last- stretch of placement! Things are getting pretty intense at school at the moment. We're really cutting down to the final wire in terms of assignments and presentations, and the anticipation for placement is starting to build for everyone!

This is a pretty typical outfit for me to wear to school. This year has been the first year in a long time that I've had a lot of opportunity to dress in my own clothes every day without having to deal with work uniforms throughout the week/ every day. It has been sweet freedom! I've had a lot of fun dressing for school, and also getting a lot of use out of my closet! This outfit was especially great, because not only did I feel put-together, this cape was like wearing a super snuggly cozy blanket all day!!

In our Special Ed class this week, a group presenting led an activity where we each tossed a ball of yarn to someone else in the class and had to say something nice about them. In the end, we created a big web across the room. It was pretty cute and they spoke about how it united us as a class and whatnot.

When a girl in my class tossed the yarn to me, she said that I am always extremely friend and have the greatest sense of fashion! And then there was a rumble of agreement through all my classmates, and another girl in the class spoke out about how great my fashion sense is. And then another girl led this weird cheer we do in our section, saying "one cheer for Ange's fashion!" It was both incredibly flattering and incredibly embarrassing and I'm not sure I handled it well. CLASSIC.