Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Diploma for Sail, Nerves for Oars

(dress: shop kintage | belt: h&m | pumps: urban outfitters)

Holy toleeto, I know I'm not the most frequent blogger to begin with, but it's been a while since my last post!

June has been an absolute whirlwind so far. I had an almost full week off last week, but there was no time for relaxing! I had a friend's baby shower, worked on a political campaign for a local candidate with Mike, celebrated (too hard) at a victory party for said candidate, had an English grad dinner with my profs and fellow students, went for a shopping + movie date with Sarah, had a big girls night with some dear friends, spent lots of time with my aunt while she was in town, and then on Saturday I had my grad convocation! Whewf. It was an insanely fun and busy week, and I wish I could have had time to blog about every little thing hehe.

This is the dress I wore for my grad ceremony. It's also the dress I wore last year for my vocal jury, a big scary successful moment of my undergrad! What goes around comes back around. JT baby.

I paired the dress with a simple pair of heels and belt. It's a busy enough dress to stand on its own, but I also wanted to be comfortable during the 3 hour ceremony and dinner afterwards! I love the classy feel of this dress, and the print is my favourite. Love dem florals.

I was originally unsure of whether I would attend my grad ceremony or not. I was scheduled to graduate last year, but there were complications with my credits since I was a transfer student! The majority of my friends and favourite classmates graduated last year so I was sad I couldn't graduate with them. This year's graduating class included a whopping total of 4 English students, and none of my professors were able to attend the ceremony.

BUT I had a lovely time with all those lovely English folks at the grad dinner my profs hosted for us a few days before! And they also gave us lovely personalized cards and gifts. It was so nice.

And the moral of the story: I was very glad I went, and I was grateful so many of my favourite people came to support me and like me enough to sit through all of those pointless speeches! My mom, aunt, Mike, Mike's mom, Laura, and Laur's mom all came to cheer me on and I just love those folks.

Next time I won't take so long to update I hope. Mostly because it requires me to talk too much ;)

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  1. I absolutely love that dress,and congrats! Great photos as well :)