Monday, June 30, 2014

June Snapshots

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Well time is just flying by like crazy, isn't it? June was incredibly, incredibly busy. So busy that I have about 5 blog posts saved in my drafts that I didn't even get around to posting because I was so incredibly, incredibly busy. I'll get around to posting those eventually, but for now, here is a glimpse at how I spent my month:

  • I began going to a local yoga studio and let me just say it is top notch (even if it is quickly draining me of all my funds)
  • My lovely friend Natalie is expecting a little boy (any day now!) and Laura and I were so excited to attend her baby shower :)
  • My professors hosted a lovely little graduation dinner for all of this year's graduates! It was such a fun time and also lovely to catch up with my fellow classmates and past graduates.
  • Mike worked like a madperson on a local campaign, and I got to help him out for the last few days! Our candidate won and we had a crazy victory party woop woop.
  • I graduated!! Even though I've been done school since December (and done full time since last April), it was nice to make it official and walk that stage for my $40,000 piece of paper
  • So many of my dear friends and fam jam came to my graduation and it warmed my little old heart. I had to cut Mike out of this photo because he didn't fit but he hates being on this blog anyway.
  • My friend Sarah came to town and we had such a fun time together!
  • Mike and I had a cute and fun weekend date!
  • Laur and Amanda and I had a fun night with Amanda's kitty and Leland. Cute overload.
I can't believe it's July! This is my last month of work and my last full month before I move. I simply can't believe it. In other good news I found a place to live in September! So July will probably be full of planning and preparing for me. And hopefully a few more blog posts than what I've pulled out over the past month hahaha.

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