Monday, September 8, 2014

September Goals

My favourite month is finally here! Yeah you heard me. Speaking out on my love of this time of year, loud and proud. I refuse to be ashamed of the fact that I am a basic white girl who is in love with Autumn. For me, September means the start of school, my birthday, changing leaves, crisp fresh air, back to school shopping, cozy sweaters, the smell of books, pumpkin errythang, long drives, yummy lattes and tea, the cutest outfits- just EVERYTHING GOOD IN THIS LIFE, DO YOU HEAR ME? My goals for this month are pretty straightforward:
  • Manage my time well, and balance school and placement with some social activities, blogging, and going to a local yoga studio.
  • Speaking of school, I want to really kick some ass with my assignments and my placement. I would like to complete all of my assignments to the best of my ability at school, and be my best possible teacher self on placement.
  • Figure out the school layout and where all my classes are. Ugh.
  • Be smart with my money *cough government loan cough lol I haven't had real money since August lol cough*
  • Keep my apartment as adorable and comfortable as possible, especially since it isn't entirely what I was expecting. I still want to make it my comfy place.
  • Make hella Skype dates and texts and email chains with Mike, my mom, and my home friends a huge priority.
  • Still have fun in North Bay despite missing all my favourite people, and continue making new friends :)
  • Have safe travels to and fro North Bay and the Soo when I go on placement! I will be highway driving by myself more than I ever have before and it's a little bit intimidating!
  • Have tons of fun with Laur when I am back in the Soo since she and Josh leave for England on the 11th!
  • EMBRACE FALL ♥ ♥ ♥ That one is so easy :)

Excited for this month, boys and girls, the future has some lovely things in store *girl sticking out hand emoji*... (Blogger should integrate emojis. That would be good of Blogger.)


  1. good luck with the adjustment and figuring everything out at school. Long distance is not easy, stay strong.. thank god for skype!

  2. Those are great goals and you've totally got this! We do a monthly goal link up every month on the first Wednesday if you ever want to link up. It stays open all month.