Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hearts on my Sleeve

Ouff guys. It's been snowing so much lately that it's actually becoming unbearable. I have to clean my car off several times a day and the roads are absolute insanity. Sorry for complaining though, I can be such a pathetic Canadian sometimes ;)

Yesterday was a doozy. I had a long day of school and work, and by the end of the day I was SO glad to be cuddled up in bed. I took these pictures after my morning class, at the beginning of my brutal day. I went to Bellvue Park, and actually took these pictures in front of a frozen pond! It's impossible to tell through all the snow though. As this little picture outing progressed, my outfit became snowier, my bun became droopier, my camera became water-drop-pier and in general I became more and more flustered. Then I lost my phone in the snowbank (by some miracle I was able to go back and find it). Just looking at these pictures makes me shudder haha!

Something on my shoe I guess?

This is a typical Angela-goes-to-school outfit. This top is so cute but so comfy, so I love to just throw it on over a pair of leggings and boots. It's simple and perfect for school, and I am probably guilty of throwing this top on a little too often (In other words, prepare to see me rockin this shirt a few more times in the future)!

This is me being legitimately frightened by someone walking their dog.

Today I just had a nice little easy-going day at work. My aunt is in town this weekend from Toronto so my plans probably won't be incredibly thrilling! Just lots of work and family time. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! What are your plans??

Outfit Details
Love Ballad Top- Modcloth
Scarf- Smart Set
Leggings- Joe Fresh
Boots- Joe Fresh
Earrings- Forever 21
Bag- Forever 21


  1. Still look so cute despite the conditions! Also, I used to have this top in a mint green!

  2. AH you are ADORABLE! I just found your blog and i'm basically obsesssedddd :) You have a great sense of fashion and I love the layout of your blog! Your header is so pretty. I love the modcloth top in this post! I'm your newest GFC follower ! XO

  3. These are great pictures! I really like your blog too. :)

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  4. totally glad to stumble upon a canadian blogger who braves posting outfit photos in the snow!!! i do this too!! :D yay for canadian winters! hahahaha!

    i adore your bag and heart sweater!!! now i want one! :D hahaha!

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  5. Love the photos!!! Followed your blog btw! <3 Amazingggg.


  6. Ahhh I LOVE that sweater!

  7. you look sooo adorable! i love this outfit!