Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Blog for a New Year

Hello friends! You are currently looking at my new year’s resolution, lucky you. I’ve been wanting to start a blog since May 2010, when I first discovered SWEET blogs like A Thought is the Blossom, Lulu Letty, and Selective Potential (two of these blogs aren't even in existence anymore, that's how long this has been a thing). I've always loooved reading style/ fashion blogs & have been completely inspired by the blogs that I've read. My shopping addiction has become a preeetty big issue as a result. I have hemmed and hawed for three years now, and finally the moment has come. It’s a new year, we’ve survived the apocalypse, and my closet has expanded at a frightening, overwhelming rate. Why not. I might as well take some pictures of my clothes since they’re not really serving any other useful purpose. So BAM. Here it is. My blog.

This is the outfit I wore to ring in the New Year. Myself, my boyfriend, and some of our absolute favourite friendos had a little get-together, complete with awesome games like flip cup and drunk snakes and ladders. And none of the pictures from my night will make it on here, because they are far too blurry and sloppy and generally hideous.

I bought this dress months and months and months ago and knew it would be perfect for New Yearsss. The gold sparkle is sew subtle and fun. I also love the cut-out back. However I have yet to find a backless bra so I’m rockin the visible bra look. Oooooops.

(That picture looks extremely posed and I apologize. In reality I am just oblivious)

I painted my nails in a glitter fade and I can’t even explain how proud I was of myself. And then approximately five seconds after finishing my nails, I smudged my pointer finger in a major way. Le sigh.

SO I guess that is my first blog post. How thrilling. I fully expect to embarrass myself entirely and regret half the things I post on here. This will either be extremely fun or absolutely traumatizing! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE.

Outfit Details
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- BC Footwear
Bracelet- Joe Fresh
Belt- Joe Fresh
Earrings- borrowed from Momma


  1. yay! congrats and welcome in to the blogging world. its just fab! and i love this NYE outfit, you look gorgeous!! xx I am very pleased to be your first follower :)xx

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for the follow, I'm such a fan of your blog! :)

  2. Aw such a cute dress, I love those nails too!

  3. The dress is so cute:)
    Would you like to follow each other, Would really appreciate it. Ill follow you back:) let me know X