Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Staves

If you guys haven't already heard of (and fallen in love with) The Staves, you should watch these videos RIGHT NOW. And then watch them another 100 times each. And then click through to listen to their other songs, and listen to those 100 times each. They are well worth it.

I first heard this AWESOME band in the summer, and have become completely obsessed. These sisters have absolutely incredible voices and are totally gorgeous. Lately, though, I have also become totally enamored with their style. They each seem to always be fabulously and effortlessly dressed (the fashion blog world has taught me that amazing style seems to be a common feature among you lucky Brits).

As someone who tends to gravitate toward the feminine side of things fashion-wise, I completely love the way they incorporate menswear into their outfits. The combination of their awesome hats, button-up shirts, blazers, cozy sweaters, and cute boots and brogues is just too much for me.

So naturally, I'm planning a nice little order on Forever 21 so I can try out some of these trends. I've always loved Forever 21 for that purpose. They have everything and the prices are so reasonable, especially for a broke student like me. It's such a great store to try out new and different styles that you might find intimidating, without the additional intimidation of a large price tag. I'll be sure to share my purchases once they come in :D

Please note: These videos and pictures are not the property of Invented Romance. They were all found through Google or Tumblr, and since I am forgetful I didn't save the sources. Oops! If you know the source, please let me know :)

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  1. Hey sweet lady! Thank you SO MUCH for the super encouraging comment on my sugar cleanse blog post yesterday! LOVE your blog (and your music taste)! xoxo