Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Falling Down the Stairs

sweater: forever 21 | jeans: american eagle | boots: reitmans | scarf: h&m (similar) | locket: forever 21

So I fell down the stairs yesterday morning. It was awful. I bumped every bone in my body and my puppy came jumping after me (and on top of me). And it was a very good indication of the way the rest of my day would go ;)

Cozy sweaters and scarves have definitely become my go-to these days. And I'm basically living in these boots. I do love layering up during cold weather. It always seems to make me feel a tiny bit better about all the snow on the ground!

This is the outfit I wore briefly before quickly changing it in for a collared blouse and black pants for my day at work. Y'all, the dress code has very much lost its appeal these days. In fact, lately work has given me more stress than its worth. Perhaps it's because I'm there nearly every day, all day. Or maybe it's because customers gradually wear you down over the years. Or maybe because the pay is beyond brutal and I've turned into the drowning man on those debt commercials. Or maybe it's because our group of employees is spending far too much time together and we are slowly driving each other insane. Probably all of the above. In any case, I'm in desperate need of a big, long, paid vacation.

For now, I'm gonna have to settle for de-stressing at home! I spent last night cuddled up with my puppy and a cup of tea, catching up on my favourite shows. And then I threw in my nightly routine of yoga which always helps me to relax :) How do you guys de-stress? Any and all tips are welcome at this point haha!


  1. your sweater looks so cozy! puppy cuddles are the best destresser i know of...but chocolate also works pretty well for me, haha. hope the rest of your week is a bit more relaxed.


  2. you look pretty! :)

  3. you are gorgeous! I love how you paired that outfit with the gold necklace- so so pretty! I'm sorry you fell down the stairs! I tripped over my dog the other day and landed flat on my back- it was a real treat. haha.