Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Snapshots

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Here is a little glimpse of how I spent November (and a little bit of October thrown in for good measure). It has definitely been a hectic month, but it's positively flown by. I'm excited to throw myself head first into the Christmas spirit of next month :)
  • Lately it has been a real accomplishment for me to wipe off old nail polish and apply a fresh coat. I am a truly pathetic excuse for an adult.
  • I took a road trip to Thunder Bay with Mike and Mark for Halloween to visit my besties! We stayed with Embo and took it as an opportunity to surprise Laura. It was such a success and a wonderful trip :)
  • I miss my best frands. :(
  • In an attempt to be healthy and frugal, I made my own quinoa, and it turned out pretty stinkin good if I do say so myself.
  • Every day has involved being surrounded by books and obsessively reorganizing said books. Joy of joys.
  • Yoga s'all I do these days to keep myself a little sane.
  • Our group of friends finally had a get-together, and I brought my new friend Amanda along to have a jolly time. :)
  • My puppy is cute.
  • Desperately trying to make packing my lunches a part of my every day routine. I was pretty proud of this salad. Successfully creating an edible meal is a big deal for me apparently.

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  1. Yes - your puppy really is cute!

    Have a fantastic day,