Monday, November 25, 2013

H&M is Coming to Town

It was just officially announced this week that our less-than-cutting-edge, not-exactly-fashion-forward, slightly-behind-the-times, kind-of-a-little-bit-crappy city will be getting an H&M!!!!! I know this wouldn't be a big deal to anyone living outside of the Soo. But our shopping is deeply pathetic here, you guys. The closest H&M (or any other even moderately good store) is 8 hours away. This store opening in the Soo is something I have been dreaming of since the ripe age of 15, and honest to god, NEVER thought was possible. This is the biggest thing to happen to our city for a long time. My facebook timeline simply blew up at the announcement, and this news has been the talk of the town. Plus, it's going to be the only H&M in Northern Ontario which is also pretty special :)

To celebrate, I thought I'd share some items from my H&M wishlist. (I can't believe I will be able to buy these items in my own home town in just a few months!!) I love that H&M offers everything you could possibly need! Here are just some of the lovely basics, florals, pretty dresses, accessories, and adorable cozy sweaters that I love.



  1. Yay for getting a store you like. Loving all the choices...maybe too much as I'm putting together a Christmas list now...

  2. haha, congratulations on getting an h&m!! i really love that grey dress on your wishlist :)


  3. I'm pretty sure that almost every single one of these items is also in my H&M wishlist. glad to see you're back in the game also! i have been missin your blogs! we don't talk enough this is the best way for me to keep up with your life and your thoughts friendo :) - Embo

    1. EMBO! What an exciting comment! Well very soon you and I can take a jaunt together at H&M in the Soo :) Can't wait for our shopping trips once it's here hehe. And I figured it was time for me to bring this old thing back from life. I'm glad you're keepin up haha :) But we still need to talk more!