Friday, December 13, 2013

Busy Days, Lazy Clothes

(sweater: urban planet | jeans: american eagle | boots: boathouse | scarf: h&m | purse: h&m | locket: forever 21}

This whole week has been an absolute blur. My days have been filled with stress and the hectic rush of the holidays at work. My nights have involved some last minute items for school and applications, lots of late night drives with Alyssa and Nilah, and finally some movies with Mike. This week has just flown by, and it doesn't help that I seem to have developed a temporary case of insomnia. I feel like I need to just to take a sec to myself and reboot. Unfortunately that won't be on the agenda for a while!

Clearly this week has called for some lazy dressing. I've been dressing very simply and cozy lately. It's proven difficult for me to put on an outfit that doesn't involve a wooly sweater, leggings, or a big circle scarf. I wish I could find the ability to wear something interesting, but it's just too hard to think about. I find I'll look forward to a reason to dress up, and then I'm stumped once the time comes. I have a few little fun events coming up this weekend and next and I'm pretty sure I am going to display some major symptoms of wardrobe confusion. Ugh. Wish me luck folks.