Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mike's Birthday Celebrations

(top: smart set | jeans: american eagle | pumps: can't remember!)

On Friday night, we celebrated Mike's birthday with a trip across the river with Embo (who is home for Christmas YAHOO) and Mark! We bar hopped and danced obnoxiously and even had shot skis, and it was just a wondrous time. Visiting the States is always the bomb-diggity because the drinks are insanely cheap and so are the cab rides. How do all of you Americans live in the States without taking advantage of the cheap alcohol on a daily basis? Maybe you do. Maybe we're just abnormally sober in Canada.

I became obsessed with this top the minute I saw it. It's such a pretty hunter green, PLUS it's reversible (either a boatneck in the front and deep V in the back, or vice versa) so I mean. How could I not purchase it? I kept my accessories to a minimum because the top itself felt so blingy, but looking at it now, I think I could have thrown some extra jewelry on that outfit. I am also trying to warm myself up to the idea of red lipstick. I love that look so much on others, but have such a hard time committing to wearing bold lipstick. Sigh.

The rest of my weekend has been pretty low key. I had a very rough day of working on Saturday, and then went out driving with some of my good friendies in the evening. I spent all of today catching up on some much-needed sleep and lazy time, and then my mother took me and Mike out for dinner to celebrate his birthday. I don't know how to feel about this upcoming week. It feels very strange to be completely done school. And to not have any assignments for at least 9 months. And to just have to go to work. I don't wanna work I just wanna sleep! Mer!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are feeling less whiny than me re: this week!


  1. I had trouble concentrating on my work last week too, and things aren't looking up this week either! I just want to snuggle in front of Harry Potter or Pride and Prejudice and watch my Christmas tree all day. Oh, and if someone could feed me and serve me tea all day, that would be nice too.

    Oh well.

    Anyway, love the look! :)

  2. Grate total black!

  3. I never want to go to work and always want to sleep! Ha! I'm glad you had a good time in the states, I'm going to America in May (a bit further away from how close you are though!) and I'm happy to hear the drinks are cheap. Win!

    Corinne x

  4. Oh I've been having a lazy time as well, it seems that I just can't get enough sleep! Oh lucky you, wish I was done with all of my assignments! Gorgeous outfit, love how chic it looks.x Gorgeous top and I love that you kept the accessories to the minimum as the attention is drawn by the top! So pretty.x

  5. I wish I could sleep my life away sometimes. I suppose that's quite a depressing thing to admit, but i think it's a feeling shared by many, by the look of your comments. lol. It is delicious to go to bed and lose all responsibility, and be children once again.

  6. Glad you had a wonderful time. Beautiful photos and looking fabulous.

  7. you look very lovely in that outfit :)