Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

This past year has been quite the doozy. 2013 has been a year of the highest high's and lowest lows. While I've had my fair share of difficulties, it's been one of those years that makes up for the hard times with equally-intense great times. I've finished my degree, celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Mike, welcomed a new puppy to our home, and celebrated tons of fun occasions with friends. The highlight of my year was, without a doubt, being able to see so many of my absolute favourite bands in concert. While I'm grateful for the things I've been lucky to experience this year, I'm so looking forward to a fresh start.

Here is a somewhat quick-ish recap of my past year. I think it's a great opportunity to reflect on the past year just in time for the new one, in the hopes of an even better year!

  • I began my blog (for the first time) in January! I'm glad finally took the step to do something I've been wanting to do for years.
  • My Nonno moved in with us, which was quite the adjustment, while my Nonna spent time in the hospital.
  • I began the second-last semester of my university career.
  • My friends and I had lots of our signature celebrations :)

  • My friends and I celebrated February Flannelfest, which proved to be an amazing time.
  • My rear car window mysteriously shattered. Not cool, rear window. Not cool.
  • I spent a lovely Valentine's Day with Mike

  • We had an Easter egg hunt for the staff at work.
  • I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with my good friends!
  • I worked a whole lot and did tons of homework? March kinda sucked, you guys.

  • I finished up the last full semester of my degree! This included doing a vocal jury for my voice class, which is a pretty big deal for me, and which went pretty well! Hurrah.
  • I received my gold card from Starbucks hehe. My official coffee addict license.
  • Sarah visited and we had a lovely time, and Laura came home from school!

  • We went across the river to celebrate Em's birthday, and had a super fun time.
  • Mike and I celebrated our two year anniversary! Cray.
  • My room got a makeover and re-organization, which included installing a pretty clothes rack!
  • I started implementing a new healthy lifestyle, and started so by going on tons of walks.
  • Mike and I travelled to Toronto. We saw The Staves, who were AMAZING, and had a fun weekend doing various activities around the city! It was an amazing time for sure.

  • I went to Windsor with Mike for a political convention type thing. It was actually really fun!
  • My mom brought our new puppy Maya home!
  • My friends and I had lots of fun bon fires and parties :)

  • I celebrated Canada Day with my good buds
  • I died my hair for the very first time! And it was technically just the bottom half. I'm a chicken. I did like the way it turned out thought!

  • I went on a weekend camping trip with our group of friends and slept in a huge tent all together and drank on the beach and had a great time!
  • I attented a big backyard party/ pig roast/ flip cup tournament with Laur and Erin!
  • I said goodbye to my little love Gio :(
  • My friends surprised me with a birthday cake and early birthday party since everyone would be away for my real one!
  • Mike, Laur, Josh, Mike's sister and cousin, and I went to the Gentlement of the Road festival in Simcoe! It was such an amazing festival, and it was SO GREAT to see so many of my favourite bands! Definitely a highlight of the year.

  • I started the very last class of my university career! That class reminded me how much I love writing and how important it is to me.
  • I had my 22nd birthday and felt incredibly old.
  • Mike had surprised me with tickets to see Iron & Wine in Chicago for my birthday. We went down to Chicago for the last weekend and had theee greatest trip ever.

  • I was obsessed with all things pumpkin. Seriously obsessed, I have an obscene pumpkin candle collection now. And I love it.
  • I went to a Kalle Mattson show with friends from work! We had pumpkin beer and it was really fun :)
  • We got to do a book signing for Lynn Crawford while she was in town. It was a really cool experience! Rare perk of a bookstore job.
  • My Nonno moved out of our house and into a nursing home with my Nonna.
  • I travelled to Thunder Bay with Mike and Mark to visit Laur, Josh, and Embo for Halloween! It was a fantastic time.

  • I started attempts at healthy cooking and it wasn't altogether a failure.
  • I became obsessed with yoga, and discovered it's a form of exercise that really works for me, gives me results, feels amazing, and makes me happy!
  • I started my blog up again after a too-long hiatus, and am really glad I did.
  • Mike and I began going on now-traditional somewhat-weekly bakery visits.

  • I completely finished my BA! And began applications to post-undergrad programs.
  • I went on lots of drives with Alyssa and Nilah and adventured around the city!
  • We went across the river for Mike's birthday.
  • I started an extra job at the university bookstore and now work two bookstore jobs like some sort of super nerd.
  • My friends and I celebrated Christmastime Liquorfest, the most wonderful time of the year!
  • I was so excited to see my friends again, and especially to spend so much quality time with my bestie Lolo!
  • I had a lovely holiday with friends and family :)

Hope you all had a lovely 2013 and that 2014 treats you well! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!!

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